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Hispider is updated Super large screen iPhone become a reality the largest size up to about 7 inches

May 31 , 2023

Super large screen iPhone become a reality , the maximum size up to 6.9 inches , give up one-handed users ?


If you want to take stock of Steve Jobs' classic quotes, then he said that 3.5 inches is the best size of the phone, I am sure that many people are impressed, in the context of the cell phone gradually large screen, the iPhone is still adhere to the 3.5-inch screen size, is also really difficult for many people to understand. And until Steve Jobs died before the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple has also been adhering to this 3.5 inches of the "golden rule".

  However, after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple immediately launched the iPhone5, the screen size reached 4 inches, and with the iPhone6, Apple's screen size is completely put on the self, directly let the phone screen size swell to 5.5 inches. After entering the full-screen era, the iPhone screen size is not losing friends at all, iPhone14 Pro Max screen size is an amazing 6.7 inches, but this does not seem to be the end of Apple.


       iPhone15 Ultra screen may reach 6.9 inches, the width is amazing

  Hispider, according to relevant industry analysts, said the next generation of the iPhone 15 Pro series screen is likely to increase, including iPhone 15 Pro screen size will come to 6.3 inches, iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Ultra, the screen size will be steeply increased from 6.7 inches in the previous generation to 6.9 inches . If 6.7 inches is still a normal phone size, then 6.9 inches is already considered more than the regular size.

  After all, you should know that in the non-full-screen era of the iPad mini tablet, the screen size is also 7.9 inches, if the iPhone 15 Ultra screen to 6.9 inches, that is to say, not much smaller than the iPad. At the same time the screen size increases, and with it, the overall volume of the phone is certainly increased, after all, the phone as a whole, it is impossible to increase only the length, but also increase the width, so there are reports that the iPhone 15 Ultra body width will come to 77.2mm.

  77.2mm what is this concept? Hispider to compare the products of Android friends, in recent times in the feel of the widely criticized Xiaomi 13 Ultra, the width is only 74.64mm, also as a flagship Vivo X90 Pro + also to 75.2mm or so, the width of these flagships can actually be accepted, one-handed grip can barely operate, and if the iPhone 15 If the iPhone 15 Ultra is really 77.2mm wide, the experience is "disaster level".

  Some people may question, it is just 2mm wider, is it so exaggerated? You do not say there really is, take the iPhone 13, its width is only 71.5mm, as a small screen flagship this size is mostly acceptable, but one-handed operation absolutely can not be comfortable, also as a small screen flagship Xiaomi 12S, the size is 69.9mm, that one-handed control up to be comfortable too much, typing brush short video, etc., can be one-handed to complete the operation.

  In addition in addition to the next generation of iPhone is likely to continue the stainless steel plus right-angle bezel design, so the design looks good, but the grip can be a bit of a crime, it is easy to operate improperly resulting in the screen broken, in other words, if the iPhone 15 Ultra with a larger screen, it can basically say goodbye to one-handed operation.

  Of course, the benefits of a large screen is naturally obvious, since the user's hands suffer, the eyes must look more comfortable, after all, the game and video experience on a large screen, is some small screen devices are completely incomparable. At the same time, the next generation of the iPhone is likely to use such as periscopic telephoto lens, press button and other new configurations, the need for more internal space, larger screen phones naturally can not be avoided.


  Behind the mega screen on the iPhone is the weakness of innovation

  But the question is, can consumers accept a phone with such a large screen? In fact, in the Android camp, there are indeed many precedents of super-screen phones, such as the earlier Xiaomi MAX series and Glory X MAX series, and even last year, Vivo also launched a 7-inch screen X Note. but this year, these super-screen phones have long since disappeared from the market, to put it bluntly, they do not sell.

  Hispider thinks that even if the iPhone's appeal is super strong, the sales may be higher than the Android manufacturers' super-screen phone sales, but I'm still not optimistic about the iPhone's super-screen phone, after all, once the phone is out of the portable properties, the experience will plummet.

  Then why Apple also forced on the super large screen devices? The answer is differentiation, in the current cell phone market is increasingly homogeneous in these years, want to make a little differentiation is increasingly difficult, the few easy to make points, is different according to the size, the introduction of different kinds of products. And Apple has really done so in the past few years, such as the previous generations of the mini series, is a small screen phone to play their different differentiation.

  Unfortunately, the market proved that the small screen phone is a failure, only after the launch of the 12 and 13 generations, Apple cut the mini series. Since the mini series was cut, there must be a new series to top it off, so there was the iPhone 14 Plus, but this product, in addition to a larger screen and more expensive, has no advantage in other aspects, which also led to its sales are also unsatisfactory.

  Today, if Apple does not get a bigger breakthrough in hardware, just change the screen size and color scheme, then even the iPhone15 Ultra with a large screen is still not very attractive to users, but considering that the iPhone15 series has not yet been launched, I am also very much looking forward to the iPhone15 Ultra, whether it will meet the Waterloo or lead Apple in this The industry's cold winter to buck the trend.


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