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2023 Honor mobile phone recommendation

Jul 06 , 2023

2023 Honor mobile phone recommendation

Honor this brand, we should not be unfamiliar, used to be a sub-brand of Huawei, the early Honor mobile phone because of the characteristics of high cost performance by consumers. Now the Honor brand is no longer affiliated with Huawei, but the new Honor mobile phone still has the shadow of Huawei technology.


After Honor divested Huawei, not only the change of brand sovereignty, but also the consumer electronics products such as Honor mobile phones, Honor tablets and Honor notebooks that we are familiar with will be affected. On the surface, although the glory has been independent, but still disconnected. At present, the ecology of Honor home is still improving, Huawei and Honor account support intercommunication, but after the independence of Honor mobile phones do not support the upgrade of HarmonyOS, want to through the ecological interconnection to Huawei HarmonyOS, it is impossible to achieve, and in the future, Huawei and Honor interconnection will become more and more difficult.


Because of the shortage of Kirin chips, Honor mobile phones are currently the same as other Android phones, and more choose Qualcomm and Mediatek chips, which is to be clear. For our consumers, the current glory mobile phone has coverage at all prices, no matter which name it belongs to, as long as it is easy to use, it is still worth choosing.

Magic series: The main high-performance flagship, choose the mainstream processor, plus high-end photography algorithm, impact the high-end market.


Magic V series: The V series used to be the middle and high-end models of Glory, and it is also very careful in the photo ability and shape design, and now magic V is a folding flagship model.


Digital series: sub-flagship models, different models of the price range is quite different. New Glory's digital series focuses on photography and appearance, and the targets are OPPO's Reno series and vivo S series.


X Series: The x series focuses on the mid-end thousand yuan machine market, suitable for young groups with general economic ability, and can be used as an entry-level model or standby machine.


Play series: The play series was originally positioned as a game phone, pursuing fashion design and extreme performance, which is very suitable for young groups. The paly series of New Honor is still taking the route of the x series.


1.Honor Magic 5Pro

The processor is the strongest Snapdragon 8 Gen2 for Android, with a strong heat dissipation design to ensure that the machine is handy in dealing with medium and large mobile games, and the experience is first-class. magic5 Pro adopts hawkeye camera technology in taking photos, and supports dual OIS optical stabilization function in the rear, and the effect of video and night shooting in different environments is the level of professional cameras. The body feels and feels good, and it is the largest flagship machine with the current battery capacity (5450mAh battery of Qinghai Lake), and the comprehensive capacity is A+.


2.Honor Magic 5

Equipped with high-end processor Snapdragon 8Gen 2, the performance can meet the daily use, mainstream mobile games without pressure. The main is the ability to take photos, and the rear adopts hawk-eye camera technology, which can adapt to different shooting environments, and the film rate is very high. The screen is a superior quality floating streamline four curved screen, feel and feel online. It is equipped with a 5100mAh large battery, which is the largest battery in the flagship machine of the same price, in addition, the ultra-high body appearance level is a big item.


3. Honor 80Pro

Equipped with Snapdragon 8+ processor, performance improved significantly compared with the previous generation; It still maintains the advantages of Honor digital series mobile phones in feel, appearance level and image ability, and the rear pixel reaches 106 million, which is comparable to professional cameras. And Honor 80 Pro equipped with the new MagicOS 7.0, the experience is better.


4. Honor 80 GT


Equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 8+ processor, with superframe single display chip and 120Hz superframe original picture screen, excellent cooling system, mobile game experience. The shooting configuration is not ambiguous, the rear SONY IMX800 sensor, the glory photo algorithm, the imaging effect is excellent. The machine is very balanced in all aspects, even if you do not play games, daily use is also very smooth.


5. HONOR 70 Pro

Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon mid-end processor, to ensure the smooth daily use of the machine, play mainstream mobile games no problem. The HONOR 70 series focuses on photography and appearance level, and the rear IMX 800 outsole main camera + two main camera design is the biggest highlight, which is used for shooting videos and photos with high quality. Machine appearance level is high, feel is also very in place.


6. Honor 80

The main camera and appearance level model is one of the best camera capabilities among the 2k machines, and the rear is equipped with 160 million pixels of main camera + 32 million pixels of front, meeting the needs of the current young people to take photos and shoot videos. Equipped with MagicOS 7.0, and the machine is designed in terms of appearance level and feel, suitable for friends who pursue a sense of fashion and photo experience.


7. Honor X40

Positioning the mid-end of the X series, the X40 looks as atmospheric as ever, with the first curved screen in this price, the photo ability is at the mid-end level, 5100mAh large battery, daily use is enough. The machine is light, suitable for elders to use, and the shape is also very good.


8.Honor play6 TPro

It is also the Honor's cost-effective model, the photo ability is not poor, the rear high-definition four shots, no problem to meet the needs of daily use. Suitable for elders to use, the mobile phone performance requirements are not high friends can also refer to.


9. The Honor X40 GT

Equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 888 processor, using a 144Hz high-brush gaming screen, under the technical training of Rongyao technology, the problems of Snapdragon 888 easy to heat and high power consumption have been effectively solved. Fast charging, strong battery life.

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