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Apple has asked Samsung Display and LG Display to develop bezel-less OLED displays

Jul 29 , 2023

Apple has asked Samsung Display and LG Display to develop bezel-less OLED displays


Hispider news: On July 25, according to foreign media reports, Apple has asked its Display suppliers Samsung Display and LG Display to develop "bezel-less" OLED displays for its future iPhone models. However, the plan may not come to fruition soon.


To meet Apple's needs, both Korean display makers are improving TFE and UPC camera technology and securing antenna space. However, these technical hurdles mean that the planned bezel-less iPhone could still be several years away.

Currently, most high-end smartphones on the market use a screen with a very thin bezel. However, Apple differs from these competing brands in that its goal is to maintain the iPhone's existing design while adopting a bezel-less OLED display.


Sources have said that Apple ultimately wants to use bezel-less OLED panels in its iconic iPhone design and does not want to adopt the curved display design seen on Samsung's Galaxy S series. The company is wary of curved displays due to concerns about optical distortion and durability.


According to the report, the company is now planning to adopt an edgeless OLED display on the iPhone 17 Pro in 2025, as it is rumored that the device will be the first to adopt under-screen Face ID technology. In recent years, Apple has been gradually shrinking the bezels of the iPhone. According to foreign media reports, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which will be launched this year, are expected to have the thinnest bezels to date, at just 1.55mm.

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