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Apple mobile phone screen replacement which brand is good? Hispider screen review

Jun 21 , 2023

Apple mobile phone screen replacement which brand is good? Hispider screen review

Nowadays, the size of the phone is getting bigger and bigger, the screen is becoming bigger and bigger accordingly, and the chance of damage increases. As a core component of the phone, replacing the original screen is expensive, especially for Apple phones, the cost of thousands of dollars at every turn is really heartbreaking. Many partners in this matter are more cautious, afraid to choose carelessly "lost the wife and folded the army".

There are many things to learn about cell phone screens, even the same brand of cell phones, the screen may also come from different manufacturers, Apple, for example, a number of screen suppliers around the world and its cooperation, so the question arises, if you replace the Apple screen, what brand is better? And what issues should be noted?

First of all, let's give you a brief introduction to the brand of Apple's cell phone screen. Different series of Apple phones, its suppliers are different, to iPhone 14, for example, its full range of OLED screen, the supplier will have three, respectively, Samsung, LG and BOE, of which Samsung will mainly provide screens for the Pro series.

Professionals said that the three manufacturers of the screen its resolution, brightness and other parameters are almost not too different, but BOE and Samsung's screen, than LG's screen aging speed will be faster and more obvious some. In addition, most LG screens are warm tones, while most of Toshiba and Samsung's screens are cool tones, which does not have a great impact on the many consumers.

How can you tell which supplier your iPhone screen is? There are many methods circulating on the Internet, but I think it is a more reliable method to use some professional assistant software for detection, which will show the screen code, such as the beginning of C3F is LG's, etc. When replacing the original screen, be sure to check the model number clearly to avoid screen malfunction after replacing the screen.

These original screen its price is not much different, but the high cost is outside the ability of many consumers to accept. There is another kind of cell phone screen favored by the owners, that is the so-called "internal matching screen", simply put is some domestic cell phone accessories factory production of Apple screen. From the trend of recent years, such as Hispider such a high degree of professionalism, focus on quality, a good reputation of the brand is a strong rise in the domestic market has a small.

So, is the quality of the screen with the brand guaranteed? What is the actual use of the effect? In fact, many brands with the technology and materials used in the brand, and the original screen can be almost synchronized to Hispider, for example, it and many domestic cell phone components companies to cooperate, and many of these companies are the above several big brands of OEM, or have indirect relations of cooperation, it is not difficult to see that the internal and original is "about equal to "relationship.

From the point of view of some owners' reviews, Hispider such internal cell phone screen, whether resolution, color or durability, are very good performance, if you want to achieve the desired effect of screen replacement, and do not want to spend more money just for the word "original", this type of brand is a good choice.



Hispider, a professional manufacturer of replacement screens for cell phones, can offer a full range of common cell phone screens on the market for customers to use. This includes the full range of iPhone screens, the full range of Samsung screens, the full range of Huawei screens, the full range of OPPO screens, the full range of VIVO screens, the full range of Xiaomi screens, the full range of Transonic screens, and the full range of Google screens. Each model of our cell phone contains Soft OLED, Hard OLED, LTPS InCell LCD, Premium Plus TFT LCD, Premium TFT LCD with 5 different types of production process and materials for customers to choose.

We guarantee the quality of each cell phone screen while keeping the price reasonable. The price of the screen varies with the material and production process, so there is definitely a screen that suits the customer's choice. And create a very objective profit margin for the dealer.

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