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Apple will use MicroLED screens on iphones in the future

Aug 12 , 2023

Apple will use MicroLED screens on iphones in the future

Hispider news: On the 11th, it is reported that due to supply chain adjustments, Apple's first device with MicroLED screen has been delayed until 2026, which is the Apple Watch Ultra.


It is reported that the new Apple Watch Ultra has a customized 2.12-inch MicroLED screen, which is 10% more than the size of the current Apple Watch Ultra. It is worth noting that after the Apple Watch Ultra commercial MicroLED screen, Apple will use MicroLED on iphones, ipads and other devices.


MicroLED is a new type of display technology that scales leds to a very small size. More specifically, it is a display technology that uses a self-luminous micron-scale LED as a light emitting unit, which is assembled on a drive panel to form a high-density LED array.


Compared to the already widely used LCD and OLED technologies, MicroLED screens aggregate and amplify the most prominent performance benefits of LCD and OLED: Not only has OLED nearly infinite contrast, ultra-thin and faster reaction speed, but also higher brightness and life than LCD, as well as higher clarity, lower power consumption and stronger color reproduction ability.


In addition, MicroLED screen due to its high brightness, low power consumption, small size and other advantages, suitable for most of the display application scenarios, from large screen TV to smart watches, and then to AR, VR near-eye display required small size ultra high-definition screen, can be said to be an excellent substitute for OLED.

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