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Apple's rear screen shattered how to do?Hispider a few reference suggestions

Jun 16 , 2023

Apple's rear screen shattered how to do?Hispider a few reference suggestions

Apple's cell phone since the 7 series after the model back case back are used aluminum silicate material glass, although said to be scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, but it is not to say that the fall is not bad, most cell phones a careless fall to the ground is not bad in front or behind the words, serious together bad! If you say your phone accidentally shattered the rear screen how to do? The following Hispider a few repair suggestions for your reference.


First, what is the impact of the Apple phone back cover shattered?
1️⃣: phone protection performance decline, naturally, is not waterproof, crack cracks will lead to the phone internal water corrosion to expand the failure.
2️⃣: broken glass is easy to hurt the hand, if the broken back cover has a gap or will fall broken glass slag do not give such a phone to children to play, hurt where it is not cost-effective.
3️⃣: heavy fall or broken more serious glass slag can easily lead to puncture the battery caused by the phone burning personal safety may receive injury.
4️⃣: affect the aesthetics, especially do not like to bring a protective cover, all the cracks are not good-looking.
5️⃣: when you encounter frustration is not smooth, see the phone is also broken, will aggravate the mood affect mood.
The main thing is also the above 5 points.


Second, Then if the fall is broken or not to repair it?
1️⃣:First of all, depending on the severity of the damage broken, if it is a small local crack is not a big problem can be repaired, it is best to set a phone case.

2️⃣:Multiple cracks but do not fall glass slag, they can accept the case set of protective shell can continue to use
3️⃣:If the fall is serious multiple cracks also accompanied by broken glass slag falling should be paid attention to, as soon as possible to repair the better.
Here we emphasize a sentence: after the glass broken will not lead to cell phone explosion, we do not have to worry. If the rear screen is broken want to repair at any time to repair can, in general, will not lead to the expansion of the problem.


The third problem: if the repair, replace the original or replace the generic parts?
1️⃣: most of the market is to change the "big hole" glass back cover, the advantages: easy to install and quick and price advantage! So you basically go to the market repair stores are to give you such accessories. But the same accessories material process also varies.
2️⃣: Aftermarket original price is very expensive, not recommended to change.
3️⃣: for the extreme requirements (you can say cleanliness) the pursuit of perfection, some models you can choose to change the small hole rear screen accessories. Advantages: size and original size has been, disadvantages: installation efforts.


The last question, four: to go to the cell phone store to repair the words of the soul "three questions"!
1️⃣: change the rear glass to disassemble the machine?
2️⃣: change the rear glass will not affect other functions of the phone?
3️⃣:After the glass edge will not be pitted unsightly?



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