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Canalys Q3 2023 Global Mobile Phone Market Report

Oct 17 , 2023

Canalys Q3 2023 Global Mobile Phone Market Report

Hispider news: Market research agency Canalys released the Q3 2023 global smartphone market report, the report shows that in the third quarter of 2023, the global smartphone market fell only 1%, and the decline has slowed down. In the world's top five mobile phone brands, Samsung, Apple, OPPO have declined to varying degrees, only millet, Transsion market share to achieve year-on-year growth, the first to benefit from the global market recovery, of which millet ranked third with a 14% share, market share reached a new high since 2021Q3.


It is reported that entering 2023, millet has achieved two consecutive quarters of steady growth in the global market (Q1 was 11.3%, Q2 was 12.9%), in the world's top five mobile phone manufacturers, millet has been ranked in the world's top three for 13 consecutive quarters, continuing to maintain China's mobile phone brand global market share of the first, the world's third leading seat.


Xiaomi's solid performance in Q3 highlights the resilience and effectiveness of Xiaomi's adherence to its global strategic layout and active participation in global market competition. Canalys pointed out that Xiaomi has quickly seized the rebound opportunity in the global market, providing competitive products and channel cooperation strategies, and if it can successfully continue the strategy, it will become a sustainable growth opportunity in the future.


In addition, in terms of product layout, Xiaomi's continuous promotion of high-end strategy has also made phased leaps, building a leading high-end product competitive advantage. In August this year, Xiaomi released the new folding screen flagship millet MIX Fold 3 for sale in only 5 minutes, and the sales reached 2.25 times that of the previous generation, refreshing the new record of millet folding screen flagship.


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