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Folding screen mobile phone introduction and recommendation

Jul 05 , 2023

Folding screen mobile phone introduction and recommendation

Into 2023, the major mobile phone mainstream manufacturers of folding screen mobile phone products can be described as hundreds of chorus, and generally have been updated to folding screen 2.0, and even some brands have been updated to folding screen 3rd generation products (such as vivo X Fold2, HUAWEI Mate X3, etc.), the technology is more and more mature.

The world's first foldable mobile phone is the FlexPai, a domestically produced Flexpai mobile phone in 2018, which is not well known. Later, let the folding screen mobile phone really enter the public field of vision, is Samsung's Galaxy Fold series released in February 2019, and then Huawei, MOTOROLA, Nubia and other released their first folding screen mobile phone.

Although Huawei's first foldable screen phone Mate X was released on November 15, 2019, the current foldable screen phone is still a niche new product and is still in the preliminary stage of exploration. For friends who want to try fresh food, it is strongly recommended to go to the offline stores of various brands to touch the machine, and then make relevant purchase decisions.

According to the different "folding" properties, the folding screen mobile phone is divided into horizontal folding, vertical folding, internal folding, external folding, etc., and the most common is the "horizontal + internal folding" model.

First, what are the advantages of folding screen mobile phones?

Advantages are as follows: large screen, good view, convenient office, very cool, easy to carry (vertical folding model)

The biggest advantage of foldable phones is obvious, which is a larger screen and a more open viewing experience. Although many people complain that today's mobile phones are too large to operate with one hand, they do add a lot of good experiences in watching videos, playing games, doing business and so on.

Second, what are the disadvantages of folding screen mobile phones?

Disadvantages: heavy body (horizontal folding model), insufficient battery life, crease problems can not be avoided, many APP screen display ratio is incompatible, some system UI is not adapted, the price is too high, high maintenance costs, easy to damage.

Intuitively, the biggest problem facing the folding screen mobile phone is its bloated size and heavy body.

Although many manufacturers are also trying to make progress, but the folding screen mobile phone is still not suitable for most people to start, I hope that one day in the future, the folding screen mobile phone will become the new mainstream mobile phone, just like the large screen mobile phone that was not optimistic.

Recommendations and reviews of folding screen mobile phones of various brands

——Horizontal folding model

1.vivo X Fold:


Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen1

Memory: 12+256

Pixels: rear four shots (50 million main shot +48 million ultra wide Angle +12 million portrait +8 million hidden view), front (16 million)

Screen: Main screen 8.03 inches/secondary screen 6.53 inches +AMOLED+120Hz

Battery life: 4600mAh+66W wired fast charge,50W wireless fast charge,10W reverse charge

Weight: 310g

Evaluation: vivo's first foldable screen mobile phone, is the latest model of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to release foldable screen mobile phones, not only the screen is the largest, but also the most abundant model of folding screen mobile phones, none of which can be described as a masterpiece. Hardware configuration is quite gorgeous, literate, screen quality, endurance, game performance and photo performance are flagship levels, appearance level and workmanship is more careful.

For the crease problem that has always been criticized, vivo X Fold adopts the space-grade floating wing hinge design, the world's first screen to obtain Rhein 300,000 folds worry-free certification, and both screens support 3D screen fingerprint recognition, which is one of the best solutions to the crease problem at present.

Insufficient: Too much weight.

2、OPPO Find N:

Processor: Snapdragon 888

Memory: 12+512

Pixel: rear triple lens (50 million main lens +16 million ultra-wide Angle +13 million telephoto), front (32 million +32 million)

Screen: 7.1-inch main screen / 5.49-inch secondary screen +AMOLED+ 120Hz main screen / 60Hz secondary screen

Battery life: 4500mAh+33W wired fast charge,15W wireless charging,10W wireless reverse charging

Weight: 275g

Evaluation: OPPO's first folding screen mobile phone, compared with the super large screen peer models, OPPO Find N on the basis of ensuring the ultra-high level of hardware configuration, the use of large main screen + small secondary screen design, in order to obtain a light weight, and bring supernatural feel, a single hand can also control the folding screen phone. OPPO Find N is also a flagship level in terms of screen quality and image capability, with fairly balanced performance and a relatively affordable price.

To deal with the crease problem, OPPO Find N uses a new folding structure: the seiko quasi-job hinge. Support multi-angle free hover, through the Rhine certification of 200,000 bending life test, is currently one of the most obvious folding models.

Disadvantages: Slightly reduced rear shooting; Endurance is slightly weak; Secondary screen without high brush.

3、Huawei Mate Xs 2

Processor: Snapdragon 888 4G

Memory: 12+512

Pixel: rear triple lens (50 million main lens +13 million ultra-wide Angle +8 million telephoto), front (10.7 million)

Screen: Expanded 7.8 inches/Folded 6.5 inches +AMOLED+120Hz

Battery life: 4880mAh+66W wired fast charge

Weight: 257g

Evaluation: Huawei's latest fifth-generation foldable phone is the lightest horizontal foldable phone available. Using the internal folding screen technology, the original double rotary eagle wing hinge, the screen flatness compared to the previous generation of mate X2 increased by 70%, almost no creases. Taking into account the external screen, the screen structure uses innovative materials such as ultra-light glass fiber, aviation grade titanium alloy and ultra-light super steel to reduce the damage rate.

In addition, mate xs2 is equipped with Huawei's own HarmonyOS, which is the company's first mobile phone with an adaptive UI engine, which greatly adds to the experience of human-computer interaction, and supports Huawei ecological interconnection, which is the biggest advantage of Huawei's foldscreen mobile phone.

Insufficient: the processor is backward and does not support 5G; The premium is higher.

4. Glory magic V

Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen1

Memory: 12+256

Pixel: rear triple lens (50 million main lens +50 million spectral enhancement +50 million ultra-wide Angle), front (42 million)

Screen: Main screen 7.9in/secondary screen 6.45in +AMOLED+ main screen 120Hz/ secondary screen 90Hz

Battery life: 4750mAh+66W wired fast charge

Weight: 293g

Evaluation: Honor's first foldable screen mobile phone, stacking material is extremely rich, balanced performance. There are many shades of Huawei mate X2 in the shape design, but the screen is larger, the quality is superior, and the price is relatively close to the people. In the image configuration is relatively radical, the rear and front are the current super flagship level, is currently one of the best camera folding screen mobile phones.

In response to the technical problems of the folding screen, the magic V uses the design of an ultra-thin suspended drop hinge, which can fully reduce the crease and ensure the thinness of the machine. Glory product ecology is very perfect, multi-device interaction experience is good, very suitable for business party start.

Disadvantages: The inner screen is made of plastic; The crease is slightly obvious; No telephoto lens.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Processor: Snapdragon 888

Memory: 12+512

Pixel: rear triple lens (12 million wide Angle +12 million ultra wide Angle +12 million telephoto), front (10 million +4 million)

Screen: Main screen 7.6in/secondary screen 6.2in +AMOLED+120Hz

Battery life: 4400mAh+25W wired fast charge,10W wireless charging,4.5W wireless reverse charging

Weight: 271g

Comments: Samsung is the leading brand of fold-screen mobile phones, the latest generation of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 hardware configuration is rich, the first use of the screen camera technology, touch screen operation is more immersive; Support IPX8 waterproof, and support S Pen, is a big tool for business office.

Galaxy Z Fold3 continues the advantages of Samsung mobile phones, is the top level in terms of screen, 120Hz adaptive refresh rate dynamic AMOLED screen support, good experience; The third generation of enhanced folding screen can withstand 200,000 times of opening and closing. The fuselage is well controlled.

Insufficient: camera configuration pixel is too low; Excessive premium; The crease is slightly pronounced.


Processor: Snapdragon 888

Memory: 12+512

Pixels: rear triple camera (100 million main camera +13 million ultra wide Angle +12 million portrait + liquid lens), front (20 million)

Screen: Main screen 8.01 inch/secondary screen 6.52 inch +AMOLED+ main screen 90Hz/ secondary screen 60Hz

Battery life: 5020mAh+67W wired fast charge

Weight: 317g

Evaluation: Xiaomi's first folding model is the cheapest folding screen phone at present, and it is also the largest folding screen phone with a battery. On the basis of mainstream configuration, MIX Fold is equipped with Surging C1 professional image chip, the world's first liquid lens, which is very prominent in image capability; Large and clear screen, look good. MIX Fold also supports handheld PC mode, business office more silky.

Xiaomi is known for its early cost performance, and it can be seen from the MIX Fold that it has learned a lot of experience from its peers in the folding screen model, and has given a very powerful terminal price, and it is worth starting to try the low-budget crowd. At the same time, millet MIX FOLD2 has been launched, performance and details have been greatly optimized, like the new product can not be missed.

Deficiencies: The screen quality is slightly low; The fuselage is too heavy; The crease is obvious.

--Vertical folding model

7. Huawei P50 Pocket

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 4G

Memory: 8+256

Pixels: rear three-lens (40 million main lens +32 million hyperspectrum +13 million ultra-wide Angle), front (10.7 million)

Screen: Main screen 6.9 inches/secondary screen 1.04 inches +OLED+ internal screen 120Hz/ external screen 60Hz

Battery life: 4000mAh+40W wired fast charge

Weight: 190g

Evaluation: Huawei's vertical folding screen model, the folded P50 Pocket is lightweight and compact, which can be put into the pocket without any burden, and the appearance level is very high, which is very suitable for the extreme small screen lovers, and is widely favored by girls.

Huawei P50 Pocket hardware configuration belongs to the mid-range level, which is no problem for daily use, and has higher playability with Huawei ecological interconnection. Adopt a new generation of water drop hinge design, equipped with hyperspectral camera for the first time, which is an exploration of black technology. For friends who are more sensitive to price, you can choose some simple Pocket S version.

Insufficient: high premium; 5G is not supported; The hardware configuration is somewhat perfunctory.

8. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Processor: Snapdragon 888

Memory: 8+256

Pixel: rear dual shot (12 million main shot +12 million ultra-wide Angle), front (10 million)

Screen: Main screen 6.7 inches/secondary screen 1.9 inches +AMOLED+120Hz

Battery life: 3300mAh+15W wired charging,10W wireless charging,4.5W wireless reverse charging

Weight: 183g

Comment: Buy three star map is the screen, as well as exquisite workmanship and appearance level. Compared with the previous generation, Galaxy Z Flip3 has been improved in terms of screen, performance, waterproof, color matching, etc., and the body structure and hinges have also been improved, making it more fall-resistant and construct-resistant. This model is very suitable for the ultimate small screen enthusiasts, widely favored by girls.

Insufficient: high premium; Hardware configuration is slightly perfunctory; The image shrinks.

9. OPPO Find N2 Flip

Processor: Tianguet 9000+

Memory: 12+256

Pixel: rear dual camera (50 million main camera +8 million ultra-wide Angle), front (32 million)

Screen: Main screen 6.8 inches/secondary screen 3.26 inches +AMOLED+ main screen 120Hz/ secondary screen 120Hz

Battery life: 4300mAh+44W wired fast charge

Weight: 191g

OPPO Find N2 Flip is OPPO's first vertical folding screen product, also known as the "OPPO Small fold". OPPO small folding inner screen quality is superior, the large outer screen is easy to use, such as the smart card function of the outer screen is very practical in many daily scenes, and the adaptive refresh function of the inner screen greatly increases its battery life. At the same time, OPPO small folding is the first vertical folding screen mobile phone that has passed the Rhene Folding Hassle-free certification 2022, and has excellent crease processing technology: it supports Hasselblad professional mode and Hasselblad XPAN mode, and has first-class image capability.

Deficiency: slightly weak endurance; Image configuration almost meaning.

10. vivo X Flip

Processor: Snapdragon 8+ Gen1

Memory: 12+256

Pixel: rear dual camera (50 million main camera +12 million ultra-wide Angle), front (32 million)

Screen: Main screen 6.74 inches/secondary screen 3.0 inches +AMOLED+ internal screen 60Hz; 120Hz/ External panel: 60Hz

Battery life: 4400mAh+44W wired fast charge

Weight: 198g

Evaluation: As vivo's first vertical folding model, the machine has made its own characteristics in size, weight and design, the appearance level and feel are superior, exquisite and stylish, very suitable for female users to start. The screen is designed with a large diameter water drop, with a multi-layer three-dimensional support structure to improve stress and reduce molding deformation, and the use of UTG glass for folding needs, creases are almost invisible. Excellent image, the use of Zeiss image module, IMX866V main photography; With the strong performance of Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, it is silky and smooth for daily use.

Deficiency: slightly weak endurance; Late release has little advantage.

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