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Hispider breaks down Apple's iPhone 15 launch

Sep 13 , 2023

Hispider breaks down Apple's iPhone 15 launch

On September 13, Apple held a Fall 2023 product conference, releasing the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series and Apple Watch new products. The most popular new product at this press conference is naturally the new iPhone 15 Pro series, which is equipped with a new titanium bezel, A17 Pro processor, USB-C interface and other features.


1. A17 Pro chip: First 3nm processor

The core highlight of this conference is undoubtedly the first TSMC 3nm process A17 Pro processor, with a total of 19 billion transistors, the CPU part of the processor uses the classic 2+4 architecture, composed of 2 performance core and 4 energy efficiency small core, CPU performance improvement of about 10%.


The A17 Pro's GPU features a new graphics architecture that supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology and MetalFX on-board sampling. The A17 Pro's GPU has a 6-core design and a 20% performance boost, enabling console-level gaming experiences.


This GPU upgrade may be a very important upgrade point in the conference, first of all, this is the flagship processor in the Android camp took the lead in supporting light tracing after Apple has also achieved support for hardware accelerated ray tracing technology, in addition to MetalFX sampling function is similar to the current Android phone game super resolution function. In terms of neural network engine, A17 Pro still uses a 16-core design, and the performance has been improved by 2 times compared with the previous generation.


From the point of view of parameters alone, the performance improvement of A17 Pro is not much, which is difficult to form a significant lead over the flagship Android processor platform, but the A17 Pro integrates more dedicated circuit modules, for example, which can greatly improve the daily use experience and reduce heat and power consumption. Of course, the specific performance of the A17 Pro needs to wait until measured.


2. Titanium: a generation of comprehensive weight reduction

The iPhone 15 Pro series uses a new body architecture design, the front screen protection panel is a super porcelain crystal panel, the internal frame of the body is made of aluminum alloy, the frame is an aviation-grade titanium metal, and the back of the body is a matte texture glass back. In addition, the entire iPhone 15 series has adopted the curved edge design, which brings more comfortable grip.


One of the obvious advantages of the titanium frame of the iPhone 15 Pro series is the reduction in body weight. The body weight of the iPhone 15 Pro is 187 grams, compared with 206 grams of the iPhone 14 Pro. The body weight of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is 221 grams, which is significantly lower than the 240 grams of the iPhone 14 Pro.


This iPhone 15 Pro series provides primary color titanium, blue titanium, white titanium, black titanium four color options, the titanium frame uses a delicate and delicate brushed texture, through precision machining, grinding, drawing and sandblasting multi-process fine production, touch will have a frosted texture, and not easy to stain fingerprints.


3. Operation button: Expected micro-innovation

The new action button feature of the iPhone 15 Pro series has been fully exposed before, and by default, the function of the action button is set to switch between ringing and silent mode, and users can customize its function, such as turning it into a camera shutter button.

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