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Hispider Cell Phone Replacement Screen-How to Choose LCD Screen or OLED Screen

May 17 , 2023

Definition of LCD and OLED
LCD screen is simply an LCD display, it can not self-luminous, need to have backlight support, backlight emits white light through the color filter to project the three primary colors. Abandoning the complex principle, Brother Mao gives you an analogy, LCD is similar to a neon light shell, itself can not light, through the internal light penetration to the outside of the colored shell and show neon colors.

OLED is organic self-luminous material, itself with light-emitting properties, when there is an electric current through, these organic materials will be self-emitting, projecting red, green and blue primary colors of light. It is like an advertising board covered with small bulbs, each bulb can emit three primary colors of light by itself.

Therefore, the main difference between the two is that LCD can not be self-luminous, while OLED can be self-luminous.



The difference between the two
1, thickness: LCD screen is thick and hard, not bendable; OLED screen can be bent, more soft and thin. From the construction level, AMOLED thickness can be thinner than LCD nearly 30 %.


2, price: because the technology of LCD has been very mature, so the price of LCD is cheaper.

3, service life: LCD screen is used inorganic materials, OLED screen is used in organic materials, the service life of OLED than LCD to be shorter.

4, color performance: LCD is refracted light through the backlight, so in the display of black, there will be light leakage around the screen and whitish phenomenon, so that the black more similar to gray. oled can be self-luminous to show color, the display effect is more vivid and full, but there is a risk of burning screen.


(Performance on black)
5, energy consumption: LCD light-emitting principle due to the color filter film will lead to a decline in light efficiency, some analysis says LCD on the backlight brightness utilization will not exceed 15%, there is 85% of the energy wasted. Therefore, OLED is more power-saving than LCD.

Future Trends
Although OLED has the problem of screen flicker, but in daily use in fact, the human eye can not be obviously felt, only very sensitive to the screen flicker will really feel the discomfort.

More merit than over OLED has more advantages, better contrast, good black performance, wider color gamut, lighter, thinner, bendable, etc.. That's why the mainstream flagships are now choosing OLED screens.

In the future, the development trend of cell phones is also towards full-screen, curved / foldable screen and under-screen fingerprint, under-screen camera and other directions, the status of OLED can not be shaken. LCD screen will be more because of the cheap technology is mature, is used in the low-end price of cell phones.

So, in the end, the choice of LCD screen or OLED screen, milli has summarized the advantages and disadvantages of each for you. If you are particularly sensitive to screen flash, it is recommended to choose LCD, in addition to choose OLED screen can bring a better visual experience.

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