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Hispider gives you a comprehensive look at your phone's screen

Jul 31 , 2023

Hispider gives you a comprehensive look at your phone's screen

People may know the major functions of the hand machine, but the principle is too complicated, so this series will be interpreted from the screen, processor, camera and other aspects from the principle, eliminating complex data, in a simple and direct way.



Mainstream mobile phone screens are divided into two categories: LCD and OLED, the most fundamental difference is that LCD does not have luminous characteristics, need to be illuminated by the backlight plate to display. OLED is self-luminous, and each pixel can emit three primary colors of light, so the imaging effect is better and brighter.


Advantages and disadvantages:

OLED advantages: self-luminous characteristics of lower power consumption, ultra-thin flexible characteristics, can be bent, mobile phones can be made thin, compared with LCD can be nearly 30% thin, low delay, bright colors, wider viewing Angle, higher contrast, visual effects compared with LCD pleasing, display black interface can achieve the purest black.


OLED disadvantages: there is a screen flash problem, known as the "blind screen". Using PWM dimming, the brightness is controlled by turning on and off every second, and the brightness is adjusted by the proportion of the screen on and off time within the interval. The faster the speed of on and off, the higher the brightness of the phone. You can't tell with the naked eye, but when you turn down the brightness of the phone screen and use the camera's professional mode to shoot, you will find that it has been flashing, and the screen is also a bright and dark piece. For people who are sensitive to the screen flash, it will cause eye pain and swelling, the current solution is to improve the screen flash screen, but with it comes the problem of burning the screen and uneven brightness, showing the same picture for a long time will cause the decay of luminous pigments, the screen will appear color, residual shadow, brightness reduction, low service life.


LCD advantages: eye care, long life, mature technology, low cost.

LCD disadvantages: can not bend, screen border is large, color is not good enough.


At present, most manufacturers almost use OLED screens, which can make the phone thinner, can bend the characteristics of curved screens, lower energy consumption, better display effect, and can improve the PMW frequency to reduce the damage to the eyes.


As a professional mobile phone replacement screen manufacturer, Hispider not only follows the development of mobile phone screens, but also produces the latest OLED screens, considering the user's demand for cost-effective mobile phone screens, LED mobile phone replacement screens are also in continuous production. Hope Hispider is at your service.


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