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Hispider gives you a detailed introduction to the iPhone

Jul 11 , 2023

Hispider gives you a detailed introduction to the iPhone

The shape of the Apple phone is that the four sides of the front are ultra-narrow equidistance, R Angle, and right Angle border, which contributes greatly to the improvement of the texture. The camera convex section is not actually spliced, but the entire back cover is made of a smooth convex and matte texture on a glass back.


1. An advertisement for the iPhone.


2. Apple's promotional highlight: Privacy


3. Apple's CarPlay.


4. Smart home management provided by Apple.


5. Although the speaker of the Apple phone is not the largest in the phone, but even on the 5.4-inch iPhone mini, it is not simply to provide dual speaker stereo, but to support the Dolby panoramic sound with surround sound effect, and even to support spatial audio.

The point is that Apple doesn't just provide hardware, Apple Music offers nearly full Lossless audio and Hi-Res Lossless high-resolution lossless audio. When it comes to spatial audio, there should be no rival at present. As a technology company with a large number of master tapes, its position in the music field is difficult to shake in the future.


6. The vibrating motor of the iPhone.


Apple mobile phones can always give users the most comfortable vibration experience, relying on the ultimate hardware, as well as extremely refined training.


7. How iPhones charge.


8. The iPhone's screen display.

Apple's screen display is able to directly display the entire screen content. You can directly display the cover of the song when listening to the song, you can directly display the timing when counting down, and you can directly display the navigation information when navigating.


9. This is the ProMotion adaptive refresh rate supported by iPhone Pro, and supporting high brush can also make the battery life longer.

The iPhone Pro supports the following refresh intervals:


  • 120Hz (8ms)
  • 80Hz (12ms)
  • 60Hz (16ms)
  • 48Hz (20ms)
  • 40Hz (25ms)
  • 30Hz (33ms)
  • 24Hz (41ms)
  • 20Hz (50ms)
  • 16Hz (62ms)
  • 15Hz (66ms)
  • 12Hz (83ms)
  • 10Hz (100ms)
  • 1Hz (1000ms)

What Apple really wants to do is Adaptive-Sync, which adjusts the refresh rate based on real-time content changes.


10. Android phones all these years like to promote the screen refresh rate and touch sampling rate, but have never seen the promotion of touch delay. From touch to the system response can do about 5 milliseconds, from the system to the application, and then to the real rendering output, the chip has been fierce Apple mobile phone has always been more advantageous.

The iPhone's level of responsiveness to touch is outrageous. If you close an app and swipe to the left, the browser icon will slide to the next screen before it returns to the Dock.


11. Apple's switch to animation is more ingenious. 

Every time I close the Apple Music window, I always have the feeling that the entire Apple Music window has been pushed into the Spirit Island by me. But the problem is that when the areas on the finger are not the same, a unified animation is difficult to give people the feeling of pushing the hand!


12. Apple's 3D face recording.

After the input, you can pick up the phone to unlock it, and when a message comes to look at the phone, you can unlock it, and you don't have to touch the phone at all. Today's iPhone can be unlocked by wearing a mask, supporting about 270 degrees of unlocking, and the iPad Pro can even support 360 degrees of unlocking. When entering Alipay, wechat wallet and other applications involving payment security, they are basically unlocked without feeling.


Apple's 3D face unlock is 50 times more secure than its own Touch ID fingerprint unlock. Going a step further, Apple's chip security compartment provides chip-level security. Leave the security zone, any data on the phone will become meaningless, there is no need to worry about others stealing your data Ha!


13. Apple mobile phone brush NFC interaction.


Funny thing is, you can still swipe your phone when it's dead.


14. The Apple phone lens is equipped with sapphire glass, even if the ghost is teased to be hard on sapphire, of course, this is not the main reason. In fact, the stainless steel version of the Apple Watch also uses super durable sapphire glass.


After a while, you'll find that other people's lenses have already scratched over the years, and your iPhone's lens hasn't even scratched at all, as opposed to the potential problem of a slight Angle adjustment.


15. It is the only heavily regulated app distribution store on Earth that can reach Apple users directly.



16. Apple mobile phone connected to the headset display, yes, your personalized engraved will be displayed in the system animation.


17. Apple mobile phone from the earliest battery health, to optimize battery charging, intelligent battery protection, to today's green charging, reduce personal carbon indicators.


18.The iPhone is all one thickness, and only 7.85 mm.


19.Waterproof and dustproof.


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