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Hispider gives you an overview of the iPhone ecosystem and its benefits

Jul 12 , 2023

Hispider gives you an overview of the iPhone ecosystem and its benefits

Ecology is a big topic, at least including the ecology between hardware, service ecology, software ecology and so on.

1. Hardware ecology

For example, MagSafe ecology, Apple adds a magnetic coil to the iPhone, and a third party provides an excellent MagSafe charging rack. Apple's support for the standard PD fast charge protocol is only the same, and the charger quality that has emerged from third parties is very high.

Apple's own hardware is perfectly interconnected.

iPhone can project the screen to Apple TV, and it can be used as the remote control of Apple TV. When Apple TV needs to input text, iPhone input can be directly invoked. When Apple TV needs authentication, iPhone Face lD can be directly invoked. iPhone calls can be directly answered by iPad, iPhone can directly act as a Mac camera, iPhone copy content can be directly pasted on iPad, Mac, iPhone Web pages, Zhihu answers, etc., can also be seamlessly connected to iPad, Mac, AirDrop is a sharing tool.

In fact, the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, iPod, HomePod, Apple TV, AirPods and other products have always been nearly connected to each other! You can control the HomePod from your iPhone, or you can have the HomePod push content to your iPhone. You can use the Apple Watch to control music playback on the iPhone, unlock the iPhone and Mac, and you can use the iPhone to control various Settings on the Apple Watch. You can use HomePod as an external sound system for Apple TV, and you can control Apple TV on, off, fast forward, fast back, pause, and more through HomePod.

With the help of HomeKit, Matter and Thread, Apple has opened up the interconnection between Apple's own hardware and various smart homes. For example, I can use any of the devices in the HomePod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch to control the lights, air conditioning, curtains, door locks, etc,

2.Service ecology

Those familiar with Apple's financial results have found that Apple's revenue from services now exceeds the combined revenue of iPad and Mac hardware.

Apple Music is the largest library of classical music and the second largest music streaming platform in the world. Apple TV 4K hardware plus Apple TV+, high-quality original content plus multi-platform integration, is another platform that can deeply bind users. Not to mention, the Apple One is such a melting pot, It is also packed with Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade.Apple Fitness+, Apple News+, Apple Podcasts, Apple Books, iCloud+, etc., the perfect station service.


3. Software ecology

Apple's own apps can guarantee consistent design, consistent experience, and perfect synchronization on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. For example, Freeform released some time ago provides three versions at the same time, and for example, iCloud and iCloud+ have been provided.


In fact, applications provided by third parties can basically achieve three-end synchronization under the Apple ecosystem. There are countless developers around the world working together to build Apple's software ecosystem. Apple's App Store, however, can manage apps in a very orderly way.

Apple was very forward-looking with the launch of the App Store. You know, back in 2008, that's the iPhone 3G era, the App Store, in fact, only had more than 500 apps. Today, the app store, which has a strict review mechanism and often removes malicious and unupdated apps, has nearly 2 million apps!

If nothing else, apps downloaded here have at least been rigorously reviewed by Apple and will be taken down at the first sign of any subsequent risk exposure. This is not a simple matter for Apple to say, several domestic top apps have been removed because of security issues. The power of the App Store is not limited to limiting the behavior of apps, but it creates a win-win ecosystem. Developers can reach a group of users willing to pay for excellent apps here, and almost any user can find an app to meet their needs here.

The most typical one is the App Store on the iPad, which is absolutely the trump card of the iPad. Even if you buy the most entry-level iPad, or even a used iPad from years ago, you can take full advantage of the excellent apps available in the App Store. Many of these apps don't even have Android versions.


The ecology of iPhone is so excellent, and its advantages are also recognized by the majority of people. Hispider is a veteran of mobile screen replacement and has a deep understanding of mobile screens. If you like iPhones and have questions about their screens, you can ask us. We'll give you all the answers.

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