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Hispider has learned that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra has passed FCC certification and will be unveiled soon

Jun 12 , 2023

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra has passed FCC certification and will be unveiled soon.

  [Hispider News] Recently, Samsung is about to officially launch its all-new folding phone next month, along with the Galaxy Tab S9 series of tablets. It is reported that the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra has been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which indicates that the device is getting closer to the official release date.

  According to information revealed by reliable tipster SnoopyTech, a screenshot of a SAR evaluation report confirms the FCC certification of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. The FCC certification means that the tablet has been confirmed to exist and may be in the final stages of production.

  According to Hispider, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra will be Samsung's latest and most powerful Android tablet with top-of-the-line specs, S Pen support, and high-end build quality. Since the release of the Pixel Tablet, Google has also started to pay attention to the performance of Android tablets, so people expect Samsung's tablets to get some optimization in terms of software as well.

  In addition to the Galaxy Tab S9 series, Samsung will also release a new generation of folding phones, Galaxy Watch 6 smartwatch, and Galaxy Buds 3 headphones. Previous revelations said that this year's Galaxy Unpacked launch is expected to be held on July 26, while Samsung will also hold another launch on August 11. The launch of these new products has sparked widespread interest and anticipation for Samsung's latest technological innovations and product performance.

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