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Jul 04 , 2023


A lot of people are asking why the latest iPhone X to iPhone 14 Pro Max screen replacement is expensive. Reason is because they use OLED LCD. OLED, short for organic light-emitting diode, is a type of display technology. It differs from the previous widely used iPhone LCD (liquid crystal display) tech by creating light within every pixel that makes up its picture, instead of requiring a separate backlighting system.

It’s not all that surprising to see the price jump up so much. Reason is, Apple has to go to Samsung to get the OLED panels on the front of the latest iPhone. Because Samsung is owning 95% market share of this LCD technology. Plus, they’re likely being supplied in limited quantities and due to production complexities like carving out that notch, the price on these is going to be even higher.


What are the choices for the new iPhone LCD?

There are many choices to replace the latest iPhone LCD in the aftermarket, but the most common available LCD replacement is TFT, GX Flexible OLED and Original. Below we’re going to share with you the differences among these 3 types of LCD.


Difference between TFT, OLED & Original LCD?


The picture above are the displays under the microscope. These displays are consist of pixels of 3 colors: green, blue and red. But they are in different shapes. The view from the side, TFT-LCD shows reddish color.


As for the brightness, due to the difference in the material of the display panel, the brightness of the OLED screens is generally higher than the TFT screens. The display color of Original iPhone X screen is not so much different with OLED, but in term of power consumption and temperature (1 hour video play), original screen have the lowest power consumption and temperature rise followed by OLED and TFT screen have the highest power consumption and temperature rise. In term of hydrophobicity, all quality grades feature great hydrophobicity.



So which latest iPhone LCD is the best?

Frankly speaking, the original screen is the best one in term of performance but the down side is expensive. But it all depends on your budget and how you use your phone. Say for example, if you’re on a tight budget and using your iPhone for gaming purpose. Getting OLED screen is the best option due to it’s overall performance and the cost to replace is affordable. But if you’re using mostly for message and call don’t really care about the display and heavy duty work, getting TFT screen is sufficient enough.


Looking for more information and professional advice on replacing for your iPhone X Screen Repair or iPhone 14 Screen Repair?

As a quality supplier of replacement screens for Apple phones, Hispider takes every iPhone user very seriously. No matter which Apple phone you use, if you need a replacement for a damaged screen, we can provide you with a high quality and cost-effective screen to meet your needs.

As a professional cell phone replacement screen manufacturer, Hispider not only keeps up with the development of cell phone screens and produces the latest OLED screens, but also continues to produce LED cell phone replacement screens in consideration of users' demand for cost-effective cell phone screens.

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