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Hispider latest news Apple iOS 17 officially released The new model is amazing

Jun 08 , 2023

Hispider latest news Apple iOS 17 officially released, the new model is amazing

  At 1:00 p.m. North American time on June 5, Apple officially held its WWDC developer conference and the new iOS 17 was officially released.

Apple iOS 17 officially released iOS 17 new features introduced.


  According to the introduction, iOS 17 system iMessage added check in function, which is a convenient and privacy-protecting location sharing function. It can tell your friends and family where you are, clock in and out, and even share your location status so they know if it's a good time to call you. Also, FaceTime can be used to leave messages by video (Live Voice).

  The personalized lock screen is even more informative. After setting it up, users will receive calls from other users and will be shown their own screen. No need to look at the number name, you can directly see the caller. In addition, incoming calls can be converted to text! If you don't know how to answer a call, you can just read the text. iOS 17 Photos can create emoji packs for the subject, and you can add emoji packs to any chat window from the tapback menu, including third-party apps with homemade emoji packs.

  Subjects in iOS 17 photos can be created as emoji packs, and emoji packs can be added to any chat window from the tapback menu, including for use in third-party apps and also with homemade emoji packs. Now, iOS 17 users can say hi and share a precious video of a moment in time. Its overhead drop also adds NameDrop, which enables touch to share cell phone numbers for more playability.

The new features are as follows:

  1、Contact Poster

  Incoming call interface can be customized like a lock screen, Chinese can also be displayed vertically

  2、New Live Voicemail (voice mail) voice to text , real-time local conversion

  3. iMessage adds voice to text transcription, location sharing, and check-in confirmation. Among them, check-in confirmation can share your location to your family and friends, so that they can receive the message when you arrive home.

  iMessage also adds a new sticker function, which can convert pictures into dynamic stickers, which can be used in iMessage messages and supported by third-party programs.


  iPhone, Apple Watch users can share email and phone numbers when they are close

  5、AirDrop update

  Even if the two machines are far away, they can continue to transmit through the Internet

  6、New auto-correction for typing and predictive input, and more accurate voice recognition.

  7、Journal: independent handwriting app

       Support a variety of types, including photos, music, podcasts, locations.

  8、StandBy standby mode (to be used when charging)

  The horizontal screen becomes a smart display in seconds, and the constant light display is finally more useful again.

  9. Hey Siri wakeup word becomes Siri

  A picture of iOS 17:

  In addition, iOS 17 also brings a new Stand By app, designed for MagSafe stands, which allows users to switch from a range of clock styles with just a swipe.

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