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Hispider Latest News Samsung Folding Screen Flagship Phone Half Price On Sale

Jun 02 , 2023

Samsung finally compromised, with the "Android King" dropping by 3200 Yuan and the folding screen flagship selling at half price

The global share of the first brand, the lowest share in the Chinese market is even less than 1%, this brand is Samsung, although Samsung cell phones have been firmly in the global cell phone shipments first, but in the Chinese market, its presence is very low, the reason is not complicated, compared to many domestic cell phone brands under the models, the price is high Samsung cell phones really seems to lack sincerity, despite the strength of Samsung cell phones is very Powerful, but its high price still dissuaded many consumers.

However, as domestic cell phone brands continue to capture Samsung's share in other countries, Samsung is also aware of the crisis, if Samsung does not work hard, then its global first name will also change hands, now Samsung finally compromise, in previous years not actively involved in the 618 Samsung, the company has also begun to significantly reduce the price of its products on the eve of the 618, once high-priced Samsung flagship is now much lower prices. The "Android King" price fell 3200 yuan, folding screen flagship is "half price" sale.

The first look at the Samsung S22 Ultra, it is Samsung's former top flagship, but also before the recognized "Android King", its configuration is very luxurious, the rear four cameras not only include 100 million pixels main camera, but also supports a 100 times zoom, the front camera pixels also reached 40 million, the processor is optimized The processor is the optimized Snapdragon 8Gen1, the screen is the top 120Hz adaptive high brush 2K ultra-visible large screen, also has a large 5000mAh battery and IP68 waterproof, and the body also comes with the S Pen stylus.

Originally such an Android king, 12GB + 256GB standard version pricing is as high as 9699 yuan, has reached the luxury flagship level, but now its price has been adjusted down to 6749 yuan, finally no longer unreachable, and this Samsung S22 Ultra 12GB + 512GB high version fell even more, originally priced at 10499 yuan, it is now in hand The price has been regulated to 7299 yuan, down a full 3200 yuan, the price corresponds to its configuration of the cost is not low.

In addition, Samsung's folding screen flagship Samsung Z Flip3 now also in a significant price reduction, as the world's largest folding screen manufacturers, Samsung's folding screen flagship strength is very strong, not only equipped with 120Hz adaptive high brush dynamic AMOLED folding screen, but also supports the top IPX8 waterproof, in addition to folding the inner screen, it also comes with a small screen of additional flexibility, the processor is optimized Snapdragon 888 and is backed by a 12-megapixel OIS optical stabilization dual camera that supports hand-free shooting and rear selfies.

Price, the Samsung Z Flip3 8GB + 256GB version price is 7999 yuan, although not expensive in the folding screen phone, but ordinary consumers still can not afford to buy, but now its price has been limited to 4134 yuan, equivalent to "half price" sale, ordinary consumers can also afford to buy And this is also the lowest priced folding screen flagship on the market, it is clear that now in order to improve the share, Samsung is really quite desperate, for consumers, this is also a good thing.

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