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Hispider Mobile Phone Replacement Screen -- What are the advantages and disadvantages of OLED screen and LCD screen

May 19 , 2023

            Many people choose a cell phone will pay special attention to the screen part of the phone, indeed, in the process of dealing with the phone, in addition to the flashlight, other functions are related to the screen, and now the phone screen is divided into OLED screen and LCD screen two, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two?


          The flagship phones of each family, and even most of the models currently released are OLED screen, only the resolution is different, compared to the LCD screen, OLED screen display color is more vivid and rich, this feature in many models of the launch is a very high-frequency publicity point. Because of the light-emitting characteristics of the OLED screen, the screen is thinner, making the phone is also thinner, which largely affects the look and feel of the product, and then the user's desire to buy will also increase.


            OLED screen can also be bent, so that the curved screen phone looks excellent, seemingly more advanced, but also in order to distinguish between flagship phones and other cell phones, curved screen is mostly used in flagship phones. This is why the current flagship phones of major manufacturers are OLED screen.


             OLED screen in addition to the above features, can carry the screen fingerprint is also an important reason why manufacturers are more willing to choose OLED screen. I believe that a large number of users for the screen fingerprint is very much like, especially today's more advanced ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. So what are the disadvantages of the OLED screen?


1, low brightness strobe more eye, when the OLED screen just came out, was once called 'blind screen', until today. Although many models today gradually support DC dimming and 120Hz high brush, which is only slowly accepted by many users. If your phone does not have a high refresh rate of the screen, but also does not support DC dimming, it is still less stay up late.


2, OLED life is limited, and the risk of burning the screen. Burning screen problem was once criticized, especially the cell phone power consumption heat caused by burning screen, for this problem, manufacturers are temperature control of the phone, VC cooling, frequency reduction lock frame, cooling back clip these are only basic operations, when the phone temperature reaches a certain threshold value, exit the software, automatic shutdown is the hard-core operation.


3, the same resolution, OLED pixel density, that is, ppi is not as good as LCD screen.


         So what are the advantages and disadvantages of LCD screens? First of all, the advantages of the LCD screen using DC dimming, more eye protection. LCD screen is inorganic material, long life. The same resolution, LCD screen display more clear.

         So eye protection LCD screen, and what are the drawbacks, so that most of the models are not used today?

1, the screen display has a trailing shadow, this view gives a person not clear, not clean, of course, the overall view does not look carefully or can not see.


2, the screen is relatively thick, so that the phone is relatively thick, and can not be bent, can not do curved screen, so you can only do straight screen phone.
3, LCD screen does not support screen fingerprint, so generally used facial recognition and side fingerprint. Although the side fingerprint is faster than the under-screen fingerprint unlock, but still part of the people prefer screen fingerprint, which is also the reason more people choose OLED screen phone.
4, when the backlight is not uniform, LCD screen will appear shaded screen, this is the LCD screen luminous factor, at present this situation is still relatively small.


          OLED screen cell phone models have a lot of dazzling, while LCD screen cell phones are mostly found in the low-end cell phones, the current better performance of the LCD screen like the Redmi K30S Supreme Memorial Edition, iPhone many models, OPPO K10, iqoo Neo5 SE and other cell phones can be selected. Finally, it should be said that although the LCD screen is very eye protection, but stay up late to play with the phone is still bad for the eyes, the body is even worse, so love the eyesight, early to bed and early to get up.


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