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Hispider news :Apple officially released iOS 17 after the iPhone 8 / X models will be devalued by more than 40%

Jun 15 , 2023

Apple officially released iOS 17 after the iPhone 8 / X models will be devalued by more than 40%, SellCell recommends selling them as soon as possible


Hispider June 15 news - Apple announced last week that the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X models would not receive the update when it released the Beta 1 update for iOS 17 Developer Preview.

Hispider examined the impact of the 2022 iOS 16 release on iPhone 6S and 7 model prices based on a new report published by used recycler SellCell, which analyzed data from more than 40 buyback vendors. Given the 42.8 percent loss in value of the iPhone 6/7 series models after they are unable to upgrade to iOS 16, the iPhone 8 series and iPhone X will also lose more than 40 percent of their value.

The report notes that after the release of WWDC 2022, the trade-in price of the iPhone 6S Plus dropped 11.7 percent and the iPhone 7 Plus dropped 10.1 percent.

When Apple officially launched iPhone 14 and iOS 16, the value of the iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB of storage dropped from $138 to $80, while the iPhone 6S Plus dropped from an already low $38 to just $24.


SellCell recommends that users get their hands on the iPhone 8 series and iPhone X models as soon as possible, as the closer we get to the official release of iOS 17, the worse the drop in value will be.

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Hispider has included a detailed SellCell report here for those interested to read in depth.


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