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Hispider News iQOO 11S debut using Samsung 2K E6 straight screen

Jun 29 , 2023

Hispider News iQOO 11S debut using Samsung 2K E6 straight screen

Hispider June 29th news, iQOO announced the iQOO 11S industry exclusive debut 2K 144Hz E6 full-sensitive straight screen, which should be the best straight screen phone in the Android camp.

It is reported that iQOO 11S this screen has a 2K ultra-clear resolution, PPI reached 517, the display effect is extremely delicate, the silk is visible.

And iQOO 11S screen support 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate, the official for the mainstream applications of high brush adaptation, a more fluid experience.

In addition, iQOO 11S screen using Samsung E6 material, where E6 refers to the name of the material used to manufacture the organic light-emitting layer, compared to the current mass production of commercial E5, E6 light-emitting material brings the most direct benefit is the brightness increase.

From the actual test data, iQOO 11S this E6 screen peak brightness reached 1800 nits, outdoor environment without pressure.

What's more, iQOO 11S also supports high-frequency PWM dimming, and also supports DC-like dimming, which can effectively reduce visual fatigue in low-brightness environments.

Core configuration, iQOO 11S equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mobile platform, support 200W wired flash charging, the machine will debut on July 4.

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