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Hispider news: The Russian State Technology Group, the Ministry of Industry and Trade banned employees from using iPhones

Jul 15 , 2023

Hispider news: The Russian State Technology Group, the Ministry of Industry and Trade banned employees from using iPhones

Hispider news: According to Russian news agency TASS on July 13, the Russian state technology group (Rostec) has banned its employees from using Apple technology for official purposes. Rostec's press service added, "In fact, the company has a total ban on the use of any equipment made in the United States at work." According to the report, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation also issued a ban on the use of Apple phones by employees from July 17.


Since Apple withdrew from the Russian market, the iPhone's share of the local market has gone forever. Earlier, MTS analysts said that in the Russian mobile phone market in April this year, Samsung mobile phones ranked first (market share of 26%), Xiaomi ranked second (market share of 20%), and Realme brand entered the top three sales (market share of 1.2%). Apple's iPhone is in fourth place (10.3% market share), while Honor phones are in fifth place.


According to Russian digital development, communications and mass media Minister Mark Sutshadayev said in the Russian Internet forum, because Russian users use Apple mobile phone payment and download applications are not too convenient, so the future iPhone in Russia will be less and less, its market share will be halved by the end of next year. Overall, the market share of Chinese brand mobile phones will be higher and higher.


Earlier, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that it would work with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSO) to jointly combat the United States through the Apple mobile phone virus detection activities. Experts have found that "the anomaly, which is specific to iPhone users, is caused by the operation of unknown malware, which exploits vulnerabilities provided by the software manufacturer."


According to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), thousands of Apple phones belonging to Russian users were infected with the virus, as well as iPhone users with SIM cards registered at Russian embassies or missions abroad. The Russian intelligence service said it had gathered intelligence that "confirms Apple's close cooperation with state intelligence agencies, in particular with the NSA." "Apple provides ample opportunities for the U.S. government to control anyone the White House is interested in," the FSB concluded.


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