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Hispider News Vivo X Flip tops the folding screen phone sales chart

Jun 12 , 2023

Vivo X Flip topped the cumulative list of folding screen phone sales in Jingdong 618 e-commerce festival

  【Hispider news channel】 recently Jingdong 618 hot, hoarded daily necessities, it is also time to replace their own lagging or shooting performance of the phone new. In addition to the excellent performance of the straight smartphone, you can also choose to try a new folding screen phone to try. However, many people have said that they usually do not pay attention to the cell phone circle of things, the configuration is also to see a rough, do not know how to choose. It does not matter, Jingdong 618 launched a cell phone speed ranking, Jingdong APP search "speed list" can enter, different preferences and budgets can be selected to fit the product, which has a cumulative list of folding screen phone sales. As of June 8, Vivo X Flip, Vivo X Fold2, OPPO Find N2 Flip became the Top 3 in the cumulative sales list of folding screen cell phones, the following will take a look at the list of folding screen cell phones.


  The small and good-looking phone that girls need

  Small, good-looking, good photos of the phone more favorite by most girls, folding screen phone in this regard the advantages at a glance, vertical a fold small half, gesture photography plus hover function, placed at a distance to take a group photo without the help of passers-by can also be controlled, the youthful and beautiful color is a wave of girls straight cry stunning. In the cumulative list of Jingdong 618 folding screen sales as of June 8, Vivo X Flip, OPPO Find N2 Flip, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, Huawei Pocket S, moto razr 40 Ultra these models are very suitable for girls, small, good-looking, beautiful photos, the same is not missing.

  In Hispider's opinion, Vivo X Flip outside screen of the spirit of the cute, like cats and dogs girls will like, soft make-up mirror function also for the case of skin to take pictures like make-up portrait, take pictures on the awesome.


  OPPO Find N2 Flip outer screen pet is a cartoon version, also very cute, the application of dual-screen open function is very impressive, while using the inner screen back to the message, while showing the outer screen QR code for scanning, too convenient.


  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 on the external screen can achieve fewer functions than the first two, but dust and water resistance and photographic performance is superb, if the expectations of the external screen function is limited to look at the time, etc., then Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is a very good choice.


  Huawei Pocket S also has a relatively small external screen, sweeping, navigation and other functions but also enough. Super-aware image system and Hongmeng operating system is the reason for people to choose, with Huawei system to get started or more Huawei products at home, with this phone experience is still superb.


  moto razr 40 Ultra external screen is relatively large in these models, the operation is more convenient, small folding in the first choice of large external screen is it.


  The big screen phone that the drama party likes more

  To say that the drama party likes the big screen phone, that the horizontal folding of the big folding screen phone is a master, can reach 8 inches inside the screen, a good helper to catch up with the drama. And now the big folding screen cell phone screen performance are not to say, unfolded can be more immersive catch up at any time, anywhere, closed is a straight phone, there is no difficulty in using, can be too convenient. On the list of Vivo X Fold2, Xiaomi MIX Fold2, Huawei Mate Xs 2 is good.

   In Hispider's opinion, the Vivo X Fold2 is equipped with a Snapdragon chip in addition to the self-research chip, which improves the shooting strength, shooting the starry sky is a great, Huaxia red color scheme is also outstanding.


  Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold2 image is noteworthy, and Leica cooperation to bring Leica image quality, and straight machine is no difference between the image flagship experience.


  Huawei Mate Xs 2 supports Beidou satellite messaging for more security. The ability to resist drops also makes the use process a little less cautious, more reassuring, easy to be careful to drop the phone optional. Adaptive UI engine, large screen to see the software experience is also better, do not have to worry about software adaptability.


 Business people want a phone with High-end feel

  Business people to buy a folding screen phone, take out is face, use is convenient, who look not to say that there is a face, in line with the identity of the temperament. In the cumulative list of Jingdong 618 folding screen sales as of June 8, OPPO Find N2, Glory Magic Vs into the top ten, are worth picking the product, the business scene have some help power.

  One of the highlights of the OPPO Find N2 is the meeting transcription, often meeting business people can be too much need, pictures can also be captured into the meeting record, which who is not impressed ah.


  The Magic text recognition ability of Glory Magic Vs is good, in the memory of shooting the meeting PPT and then into editable text, people who often need to listen to meeting reports and lectures should be quite fond of this one.


  Jingdong 618 cell phone racing ranking based on real sales data, real-time ranking updates for brands and products participating in Jingdong 618, to provide a professional purchase reference for users who have a need to buy a machine. When you want to buy a cell phone but do not think to look at the very suitable, select more worry and save money. Recently, Jingdong is together with Samsung, OPPO, Huawei, glory, millet, vivo, Motorola launched the "2023 folding screen cell phone new action", aggregating the strength of all parties, jointly invested resources to bring consumers good products, good service.

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