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Hispider Shines at Hong Kong Mobile Electronics Exhibition! Dazzling Array of Smartphone Screens, New and Returning Partners in

Oct 23 , 2023

Hispider Shines at Hong Kong Mobile Electronics Exhibition! Dazzling Array of Smartphone Screens, New and Returning Partners in the Spotlight!


From October 18 to 21, 2023, the Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo once again took center stage in the world of mobile electronics, thanks to Hispider's sensational presence at booth number 8H34. Over four days, we not only showcased a visual feast of smartphone screens but also offered a unique opportunity for future collaborations.

Over a Hundred Smartphone Screen Varieties on Display

Hispider brought forth an impressive collection of over 100 smartphone screen samples, spanning across popular brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, and more. What's more, these screens fall into five major categories: Soft OLED-FHD+, Hard OLED-FHD+, LTPS InCell LCD-FHD+, Premium Plus InCell LCD (α-Si LCD Panel)-HD+, and Premium InCell LCD (α-Si LCD Panel)-HD. Whether you're in search of high-definition visuals, durability, or high-performance smartphone screens, Hispider offers a diverse array of choices.


Original, New Original, Assembled – Meeting All Your Needs

To cater to diverse customer requirements, Hispider offers a rich variety of smartphone screens. At the exhibition, we showcased original screens, new original screens, and high-quality screens assembled on our factory production line. This means that whether you are looking for OEM quality, or seeking a cost-effective alternative, Hispider has a solution to meet your needs.

International Clients Converge in Hong Kong, Doubling Collaboration Opportunities

Hispider's booth attracted nearly 100 clients, both old and new, from India, the UK, the USA, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Malaysia, the Philippines, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, and more. Sharing our new products and technology with them, and exploring opportunities for future collaboration, was undoubtedly a highlight of this exhibition.


New Partnerships Forged, Loyal Collaborations Strengthened

During the exhibition, Hispider entered into agreements with numerous new clients, signifying a path forward with a broader range of global partners. Simultaneously, we solidified our relationships with our loyal clients, continuing our journey together and shaping the future. Trust from our clients is the driving force behind our progress and the fuel for our pursuit of excellence.

The exhibition may have concluded, but Hispider's commitment to the future never stops. We will persist in delivering more innovative smartphone screen solutions to meet the evolving market demands. We appreciate the support and trust of all our clients and look forward to walking hand in hand with you in the future.

If you have any inquiries or needs regarding our products or partnerships, please feel free to reach out to us. It's all about your satisfaction, and Hispider is ready to co-create the future with you, hand in hand.

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