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Hispider shows you the categories of screen materials on your phone

Jul 13 , 2023

Hispider shows you the categories of screen materials on your phone

Mobile phone screen materials mainly have the following 8 kinds, TFT material, SLCD material, AMOLED material, SuperAMOLED material, SuperAMOLEDPlus material, ASV technology material, IPS technology material and NOVA technology material. 


They can be distinguished by their respective characteristics, which are as follows:


1.TFT material screen phone

TFT screen is the most commonly used and most common material on the mobile phone screen, TFT TFT- ThinFilmTransistor thin film transistor, is an active matrix type liquid crystal display AM-LCD one, TFT set a special light tube on the back of the liquid crystal, The individual pixels on the screen can be actively controlled, which can greatly improve the reaction time.


Because TFT is an active matrix LCD, the arrangement of the liquid crystal can be memorized, and will not be restored immediately after the current disappears. TFT also improves the STN flicker (water ripple) -blur phenomenon, effectively improving the ability to play moving pictures.


TFT liquid crystal has a semiconductor switch for each pixel, each pixel can be directly controlled through the point pulse, so each node is relatively independent, and can be continuously controlled, not only improve the reaction speed of the display screen, but also can accurately control the display color level, so the color of TFT liquid crystal is more true. TFT liquid crystal display is characterized by good brightness, strong sense of layer, bright color, but there is also a lack of power consumption.


2. SLCD material screen phone

SLCD is the abbreviation of English SpliceLiquidCrystalDisplay, namely special LCD splicing. SLCD is a high-end derivative of LCD. SLCD is a complete spliced display unit that can be used as a display alone or spliced into a large screen. According to different needs, single screen segmentation display, single screen display, any combination display, full screen splicing, portrait display, image border can be compensated or covered, full HD signal real-time processing.


SLCD can meet the needs of different use occasions and different signal inputs, and has a service life of more than 50,000 hours, without any burn, damage, and low maintenance cost. Any several units can be combined to display a complete picture, and any picture can be superimposed on other pictures. Through software, any signal can be moved on the splicing curtain wall in a unit of a screen. In addition, the viewing Angle of the screen is also very good.


3. AMOLED material screen phone

AMOLED is a kind of OLED technology. AMOLED (ActiveMatrix/OrganicLightEmittingDiode) active matrix organic light emitting diode is decent. Compared with traditional LCD panels, AMOLED has the characteristics of faster reaction speed, higher contrast, and wider viewing Angle. AMOLED screens have the advantages of fast response speed, self-lighting, excellent display effect and lower power consumption. AMOLED is the panel self-luminous; The AMOLED effect is more colorful and brighter, and the screen can be clearly seen outdoors during the day; The key is that AMOLED is much lower power consumption.


4. SuperAMOLED material screen phone

SuperAMOLED (full name: SuperActiveMatrix/OrganicLightEmittingDiode) cool screen, compared to the traditional dazzle AMOLED screen, slam the door before you touch the induction layer + according to the architectural design, control is more sensitive. In addition, the removal of the glass cover also results in a better display in sunlight.


At the same time, SuperAMOLED is also equipped with mDNIe(mobile Digital Natural Image Engine) technology to view and react quickly from any Angle, and has three layers, AMOLED screen, TouchScreenPanel and the layer of glass protected by the outside. SuperAMOLED lacks the middle layer of TouchScreenPanel, because the TouchSensor is built on the AMOLED.

The SuperAMOLED panel is thinner than the AMOLED screen, and it is the original touch panel, unlike AMOLED, which also requires touch sensors and air layers, touch is more sensitive, and because there is less a layer of barrier, the color is more bright. SuperAMOLED has a good performance in terms of viewing Angle, display fineness and color saturation.

5.SuperAMOLEDPlus material screen phone

SuperAMOLEDPlus is Samsung's latest screen, which is currently only used on the I9100 phone, but it is believed that more phones should adopt this screen in the future. The new technology SuperAMOLEDPlus material screen effectively reduces the graininess of the material screen by changing the RGB primary color allocation in the pixel and lengthening the pixel range.


6.ASV technology material screen phone

Sharp's AdvancedSuper-V (ASV) technology improves the responsiveness and visibility of TFT displays. Sharp describes ASV as a new way to arrange crystalline material that appears like a sandwich between two thin pieces of glass.

There are several improvements, one of the most obvious being the visual Angle. The current display allows users to see the display from a maximum of 140 degrees vertically and 110 degrees horizontally, while the ASV increases this Angle to 170 degrees.


In addition, the default state of most monitors is now that all pixels are white when the monitor is turned on until it is converted to another color, which means that those pixels that are broken are still black and hard to notice. The third improvement in ASV is a reduction in response time, from 45 milliseconds to less than 25 milliseconds. This technology is also mainly used in Sharp products.


7.IPS technology material screen phone

IPS panel is a kind of panel launched by Hitachi in 2001, which technically uses the liquid crystal molecular plane switching method to improve the viewing Angle, because the manufacturing panel does not attach compensation film, the screen is more transparent and the color is more delicate, but the response time is slow and the contrast is difficult to improve the popularity of this type of panel is a big problem.

The obvious advantage of the IPS screen is that it has a better viewing Angle, in addition, it is more bright and vivid in color, and the extrusion water ripple is not very obvious; Of course, the IPS screen is relatively slow in response speed and relatively large in power consumption is its disadvantage.


8.NOVA technology material screen phone

NOVA is a new type of display technology, the biggest advantage of NOVA and other screens is that it consumes less power than other screens at the same brightness, and its performance in the black color system is very good.

The biggest feature of NOVA is that it has 700Nit brightness and extreme energy saving, and can also provide a clear reading experience, and the screen contrast has also been greatly improved, so that the real black and white display effect. The brightness is below 280Nit, which saves up to 50% more power than traditional LCD, and twice as much power as AMOLED under pure white screen.


As a professional mobile phone replacement screen manufacturer, Hispider not only follows the development of mobile phone screens, but also takes into account the user's demand for cost-effective mobile phone screens. Hispider has done a lot of research on TFT and OLED screen materials. Trust our mobile phone screen, you will not be disappointed. It will also give your customers a great experience.

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