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Hispider shows you the difference between LCD and OLED screens

Jul 13 , 2023

Hispider shows you the difference between LCD and OLED screens


LCD screen and OLED screen difference:

OLED screens are first known and understood by Apple's iPhone X, but the new release of the iPhone XR has returned to the LCD screen. Although many people do not know what the difference is, they always feel that the iPhone XR with the "cheap version" of the iPhone's name after the screen should be a low grade, I believe that everyone has doubts about the gap between the two screens.


The biggest feature of OLED is that there is no backlight support, power can self-light, wide viewing Angle, high contrast, low power consumption, fast response and wide color gamut, simple process, etc., can be said to be the latest screen material on the market, most of the high configuration mobile phones also use this material.


LCD requires backlight support, and through two layers of glass and substrate and optical diaphragm, direction film, color filter to produce polarizing effect, in brightness and color will be biased.


The current LCD screen can be divided into two kinds of TFT and IPS, the two technologies are to improve the display quality, but the means and technology are different, their differences are also some.


First of all, TFT is to deposit a thin film on a glass substrate as a channel area, through the relevant transistor technology to achieve improved picture quality. In simple terms, it is to control each pixel to achieve high speed, high brightness and high contrast display, which will cause the screen to appear anti-white light phenomenon, and also relatively consume electricity, but the screen reaches a satisfactory degree in color saturation, reduction degree and reaction time.


The advantage of IPS technology is that by changing the arrangement of liquid crystal molecular particles and accelerating the deflection speed, it ensures the clarity of the screen when the screen is shaking, and eliminates the fuzzy and water pattern diffusion phenomenon that will inevitably appear in traditional liquid crystal displays in some cases. In addition, the IPS screen can achieve nearly 180 degrees of viewing Angle from the four axis directions, which has a better viewing Angle performance than the TFT screen, and the color display is fuller. It is only relatively slow in response speed, and the thickness control is not suitable for the current thin design mainstream.


OLED is actually an organic light-emitting diode, which can be divided into passive OLED and active OLED, and the OLED on the market is based on active OLED. Active OLED, also known as AMOLED, uses Pentile pixel arrangement, relative to the same resolution, the granularity is stronger. And without the support of the backlight, AMOLED screens perform poorly in outdoor environments. At present, the AMOLED screen has developed to the third generation: Super AMOLED Plus, which mainly solves the problem of large display particles, and the display effect is also moving in the direction of more fine.


Finally, how is OLED screen better than LCD screen?

1. The OLED screen itself emits light, so the brightness of the OLED screen is much higher than the LCD screen, and the color effect is better.

2. The OLED screen has a wider viewing Angle, which can reach about 160°.

3. OLED screen is thinner and lighter, and the cost is lower, and OLED screen is flexible and easy to bend.


As a professional mobile phone replacement screen manufacturer, Hispider not only follows the development of mobile phone screens, but also produces the latest OLED screens, considering the user's demand for cost-effective mobile phone screens, LED mobile phone replacement screens are also in continuous production. The partnership with Hispider will surely bring you incredible benefits. You are welcome to visit our website and ask questions.

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