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Hispider shows you the phone's screen rankings

Jul 18 , 2023

Hispider shows you the phone's screen rankings

The first is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, according to the parameters, it is the same as the iPhone 12 Pro series screen, only the brightness is higher, so the material should be the same as Samsung's M9. This screen made of Samsung M9 material is a product of Samsung the previous year, which is equipped with the S10 and Note 10 series. But even if it's an old product, except for Apple, Samsung doesn't seem to supply it.


In addition, the iPhone 13 Pro series has increased the Promotion's adaptive 120Hz high refresh rate, and the strobe of this screen is somewhat damaging to the eyes, and the whole screen is more white.


The second place is Huawei P50 Pro, the material is the top OLED of domestic BOE, and the parameters of this screen are indeed very high, exceeding expectations. Boe this screen is mainly aimed at the balance of display and energy consumption, as for the ultimate experience, M is still the boss and unshakable.

In third place is the iPhone 13, which only supports 60Hz, 1080P resolution. Last year's iPhone 12 featured a mix of screens, including Samsung's E4 and LG's first - and second-class screens. Therefore, the Samsung screen of the iPhone 13 is most likely to be E4 or the latest E5, but if it is E5, it will cooperate with the color optimization of iOS.


Looking back, Samsung S21 series finally lined up, its own flagship is currently the top M11 material in the screen, 2K and 120Hz can be opened at the same time, LPTO adaptive high brush, and other Android is a higher level than the base.


In fifth place is the Samsung Note 20 Ultra, which has an M10 LPTO screen that cannot be switched on at the same time as 2K and 120Hz. But because of the Note series' boxy design, this screen looks especially good.


Therefore, many people know that Samsung has some minor problems, such as easy to heat up, and the system is not as good as the locally optimized OS. But on that screen, it has attracted countless fans, the largest and most intuitive components on this mobile phone, excellent has been able to cover up all shortcomings.


As a professional mobile phone replacement screen manufacturer, Hispider not only follows the development of mobile phone screens, but also produces the latest OLED screens, considering the user's demand for cost-effective mobile phone screens, LED mobile phone replacement screens are also in continuous production. Hispider provides Apple series, Samsung series, Huawei and other brands of mobile phone replacement screen, the quality is second to none in the industry, one year warranty, worth having.


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