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Hispider shows you the Samsung phone screens

Aug 09 , 2023

Hispider shows you the Samsung phone screens

Some people say that the screen of Samsung mobile phone is the best, it looks transparent and full, not the domestic screen can be compared; Some people say that domestic mobile phones have used domestic high-end screens, which can be arm-wrestled with Samsung screens in many ways, and the cost performance is higher; Some people say that domestic mobile phones also have Samsung screens, but they are not as good as Samsung and Apple's Samsung screens.


Three factors that determine the quality of mobile phone screens

Many people always say that Samsung mobile phone screen is good, think it looks more clear than many domestic mobile phone screens, and the brightness is higher, so the clarity and brightness of the mobile phone screen has become a measure of the quality of many small partners on the mobile phone screen.


The quality of the screen is not only to see clarity and brightness, but also to see the luminous substrate, color gamut, color accuracy, color depth, screen uniformity, power consumption...... All aspects, so we have to know: the standard to measure the quality of the mobile phone screen.


In general, the quality of the mobile phone OLED screen is mainly determined by three important factors - the luminous substrate, the substrate and the pixel arrangement.


As the core component of the OLED screen, the luminous substrate largely determines the luminous efficiency and quality of the screen. On the basis of good luminous material, a very thin glass substrate is required to be attached to the above display; The pixel arrangement determines the pixel density and clarity of the screen.


Samsung OLED screen for "Hexagon Warrior"

Other mobile phone manufacturers are hyping their own Samsung E6 screen, how powerful is how powerful, and Samsung mobile phone itself with a better M series material screen, but do not hype how good their screen, after all, Samsung mobile phone screen is already recognized as "the best OLED mobile phone screen."


The reason why Samsung can achieve the recognized good screen is inseparable from its monopoly on luminous material technology and material supply. For example, Samsung's top M series screen is involved in the research and development of high-level chemical materials, and with the support of the world's top chemical companies, the ratio of these materials is completely confidential.


Among these luminous substrates, red and green phosphorescent materials are monopolized by corresponding suppliers, and Samsung's SDI company is one of the monopoly giants. Of course, the rich Samsung also controls more of these material monopoly giants through investment holdings to maintain its solid position in the high-end OLED screen market.


In Samsung's research and development technology of key luminous materials, including many upstream materials of the panel industry chain, plus its own "banknote capability", so that each key node in the OLED field is at an advantage, even if the color saturation of Samsung's mobile phone screen gives you full, it still does not affect its "hexagonal warrior" existence.


Hispider, as a professional manufacturer of cell phone replacement screens, not only keeps pace with the development of cell phone screens to produce the latest OLED screens, but also takes into account the user demand for cost-effective cell phone screens, LED cell phone replacement screens are also continuing to be produced.

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