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Hispider teaches you how to replace a broken Redmi phone screen

Jun 26 , 2023

Hispider teaches you how to replace a broken Redmi phone screen

Phone screen broken for users are a troublesome thing, the phone screen broken to repair the screen is a repair process? Want to move the phone to change the screen will not be cheaper? In this regard, Hispider believes that usually do not replace the phone screen by yourself, the installation risk is high, the integrity is not high, easy to secondary damage. For users who like to do it yourself to replace the phone screen, use the old phone can try. Here to show the process of replacing the screen of the Redmi cell phone screen after disassembly, only show the process of replacing the screen after disassembly.

Tools: the new cell phone LCD assembly screen ;Various types of spare screwdriver.

The first step: behind the red rice phone screen stick back all the labels torn off
1. With both ends of the interface linker, printed with the logo of the black paper
2. barcode
3. network access permit


Step 2: Install the new screen in the bottom of the new screen a small board to pay attention to the RF connection


The third step: install the screen at the top of the main board related cell phone components
1. will be installed in the corresponding location of the induction line
2. Use a small amount of double-sided tape (fixed glue) vibration motor better fixed in the new screen
3. Earpiece is also transplanted to the new screen a note to the contact in the circle, do not install the reverse


The fourth step; in the new screen officially installed on the motherboard
1, the antenna carefully connected to the motherboard, the tail plug motherboard liner snap on
Touch screen liner bent to a certain angle to close the motherboard
Induction line is the first to install on the new screen after screwing the fixing screws


Step 5: install the camera at the motherboard of the new screen one after installing the motherboard
1, the camera position is correctly placed and installed, the display line "restore" to the new screen
2, with silver will be carefully installed on the motherboard touch screen liner


Step 6: After the new screen is assembled motherboard, close the protective case in the frame after the installation of the battery


Step 7: turn on the computer to test the success of the installation, after the success of screwing all the screws. Collection of broken cell phone screen note.
1, the cell phone screen broken screen replacement process, how to disassemble the order of installation order
2, it is not recommended to teach the new teach expensive machine to change the screen themselves, easy to cause secondary damage
3, no professional glue fixing, disassembly and replacement of the new screen will appear some parts are not very solid phenomenon

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