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Hispider tells you about the composition of the phone's screen

Jul 20 , 2023

Hispider tells you about the composition of the phone's screen

If you want to understand the mobile phone screen, you can start from the composition of the mobile phone screen, the more colors the mobile phone screen can display, the more complex the picture, the richer the level of the picture. The mobile phone screen is mainly based on the touch screen, which consists of cover glass, touch module and display module.


Cover glass: the outermost component of the mobile phone screen, which protects the internal structure of the mobile phone. In order to prevent scratching the screen, mobile phone manufacturers usually attach a protective film on this layer of the screen.


Touch module: Touch sensing can be achieved, which is the key to improving the human-computer interaction experience. The mobile phone screen is mainly based on capacitive touch screen. Below the touch sensing layer is the front panel, which is mainly used to install the filter and generate the image; The next layer is the backplane, which handles the thin-film transistors.


Display module: Mainly LCD and OLED, are the two most mainstream types of mobile phone screen.

LCD screen display module is composed of polarizer, color filter, TFT, LCD, backplane, etc., the image color is good, the picture is soft and does not hurt the eyes, is the most widely used mobile phone display screen; OLED screen display module is composed of polarizer, organic light emitting layer, glass, TFT and other materials, the screen can be self-luminous, with thin, flexible, low energy consumption advantages, is currently emerging screen display technology.


As a professional mobile phone replacement screen manufacturer, Hispider not only follows the development of mobile phone screens, but also produces the latest OLED screens, considering the user's demand for cost-effective mobile phone screens, LED mobile phone replacement screens are also in continuous production. There are various Apple series, Samsung series, and Android versions of the phone replacement screen models.

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