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Hispider tells you about the hardware and software advantages of the iPhone

Jul 11 , 2023

Hispider tells you about the hardware and software advantages of the iPhone

1. The ultimate screen

The iPhone Pro's screen can be even better than Samsung's top-of-the-line flagship! In front of Samsung's top screen, the quality of other screens is self-evident.


Now many people are very familiar with what 2K screen, what E4, E5, E6 material, what peak brightness! But it's not clear what makes a good screen. The iPhone 14 Pro uses M12 substrate! The outdoor brightness is directly 2200 nits, which is much higher than Samsung's top machine emperor. When it comes to screen tuning, Apple is second to none.


2. The ultimate body texture

Apple has had a stainless steel bezel for years.


The Unibody's matte glass back is even more impressive, and is currently only available on the Samsung Galaxy S series. The cost of this backplane is already a high cost that mainstream Android flagships simply cannot afford!


3.The ultimate vibration mode

People who have used the iPhone should deeply fall in love with the right vibration experience, which is behind the powerful hardware and detailed algorithm support. If you've ever tried the Apple Watch, you'll be even more impressed. Apple, which is obsessed with battery capacity, has gone to great lengths to cram a Taptic Engine into the iPhone.


4.Super porcelain crystal surface plate

Starting with the iPhone 12, Apple added a layer of nano-scale porcelain crystal material to the screen panel, this thing? With the dual ion exchange process, you can basically guarantee that you don't need to put a film on the phone anymore, and you don't have to worry about the general degree of falling, and this super porcelain crystal panel directly enhances the durability of the phone. By the way, iphones have always been pretty durable.


5. Pile full of A-series chips

The durability of Apple phones not only depends on the basic design of metal frames and IP68, but also depends on extreme performance and excellent software design.


A-series chips have always been full of materials, and other mobile phone chips generally have only one large core or so-called super-large core, while A-series chips have long been two large cores, plus four energy efficiency cores that are not bad at all.

By the A16 generation, there were 16 billion transistors. If you know the M1 chip, you should know that it only has 16 billion transistors. And the A-series chip but did not pack the baseband chip, so it is not more exaggerated!


6. Top software design

All apps on the iPhone have a highly consistent UI design, rather than playing with each other like Android apps.


The beauty of software design is not only that the software is beautiful, but that it can organically combine with the hardware, and even smooth the hardware and software boundaries.


7. Refined to the ultimate detail design

In fact, Apple is more enthusiastic about the switch of animation. Every time I close the Apple Music window, I always have the feeling that the entire Apple Music window has been pushed into the Spirit Island by me. But the problem is that when the areas on the finger are not the same, a unified animation is difficult to give people the feeling of pushing the hand.


8. Protect privacy

This is not something that can be done simply by saying, even if the design cost of the system and software level is not considered, the cost of the hardware level is far greater than many people think.


9. Elegant MagSafe wireless charging



10.The screen display

Without the M12 substrate screen, without the A16 chip dedicated display engine, this level of all-weather display is really not thought of.


11.Invincible video shooting ability

From chips to algorithm processing, without years of continuous accumulation, Apple simply could not become the first in the field of video shooting.


12.ProMotion self-adapt refresh rate.

In the real sense, adjusting the refresh frequency according to the change of the screen display content not only guarantees the experience but also enhances the battery life, which is the only ProMotion in the Apple system.


13.The ultimate hardware and software ecology


Open up the interconnection between all hardware, even up to 1 + 1 > The effect of 2 is not just lip service! Behind this is not only the hardware investment, but also has countless software design investment ah!


14.Ultra-low touch latency and highest priority touch response

When you close an app and swipe to the left, the browser icon slides to the next screen before it returns to the Dock bar. The highest priority of touch, coupled with ultra-low touch latency throughout the system, is another level that Android phones cannot achieve with simple stacking.


15. AR

In fact, Apple's Pro series products have joined liDAR scanners to assist scene recognition! Say, AR this time, other manufacturers should have little investment.


16. App Store

Nearly 2 million apps, all rigorously vetted.


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