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Hispider tells you about the technical advantages of the iPhone - the back, the bezels, the software design

Jul 12 , 2023

Hispider tells you about the technical advantages of the iPhone -- the back, the bezels, the software design


Firstly, Mobile phone back design

This is the back of the iPhone 14, with a smooth glass back.


This is the back of the iPhone 14 Pro, with a matte glass back.

The matte glass of the iPhone Pro doesn't leave any fingerprints on it, and it comes with a stainless steel frame for a stunning texture.


Now there is no solution for the phone camera bulge, there is no way, this thing is limited by physical characteristics. But can not make this part of the chic, but not everyone can. A few advantages of the camera part of the iPhone:

1. Although the wide-angle lens, ultra-wide-angle lens and telephoto lens have different physical sizes, the iPhone camera maintains a high degree of coherence and looks perfectly uniform. Without giving me an example, imagine the camera design of various Android phones.

2. The design of the platform is not inlaid in the later period, but is directly ground out of a whole piece of glass. Yes, it is a whole piece of glass polished out the convex part, and then punched, that is, the Unibody design.

3. The lens surface is standard with sapphire glass, although the lens is protruding, but even if you always throw it, long-term use of lens glass will not appear scratches.

4. The iPhone Pro also has a liDAR scanner embedded in the platform, which can not only improve AR scene recognition ability, but also assist the camera to achieve night portraits. The current mobile phone, the iPhone, has this hardware.


For example, first scan the scene with a liDAR scanner:



Secondly,Border design:

The iPhone has been using metal bezels for a long time, and every time someone jokes about the weight of the iPhone 14 Pro, it can't be completely ignored that Apple uses stainless steel bezels.


Whether it is hard to smash with other mobile phones or fall to the ground, stainless steel can ensure the stability of the fuselage itself, and it is not so easy to hurt the bones. My previous iPhone 13 Pro, more than a meter high hit the curb, in addition to the stainless steel frame hit a little notch, the whole phone basically no other damage.


And if you are more careful, look at the buttons on the border, in fact, their material is the same as the border. More importantly, these buttons of Apple mobile phones, after a few years, whether it is the crisp sound feedback of the keys themselves, or the feel of the rebound is still quite powerful. On many new Android phones, the buttons are a temporary worker's visual sensation.


Thirdly, Software design.


1.ProMotion Adaptive refresh rate

The refresh rate supported by iPhone Pro

120Hz (8ms)



48Hz (20ms)

40Hz (25ms)

30Hz (33ms)

24Hz (41ms)


16Hz (62ms)

15Hz (66ms)

12Hz (83ms)



With the Adaptive-sync mechanism, Apple has really been able to adjust the refresh rate in real time according to the actual content display.


2. Spirit Island Animation.

This is an interactive animation of payment.


This is the commonly used information display.

In fact, Apple is more enthusiastic about the switch of animation. Every time you close the Apple Music window, there's a sense that the entire Apple Music window has been pushed into Spirit Island. But the problem is that when the areas on the finger are not the same, a unified animation is difficult to give people the feeling of pushing the hand.


3. The first priority of touch response

Many people always think that the fluency of the iPhone comes from the absolute performance and the animation transition of the iOS system itself, in fact, many people ignore the mechanism on the iphone that always responds to the user's actions in the first time.

Try it on a different phone, closing an app while swiping to the next page, or opening another app to see if you can start triggering a second action before the last app is fully closed. Anyway, the iPhone is okay.


4. Unified UI design, including third-party apps.

On Apple devices, whether you open apps that come with the system or third-party apps, there is a predictable and familiar feeling. Yes, this is Apple's overall regulatory constraints on systems and apps.

If you own more than one Apple device, you should also be amazed by the amazing color consistency of Apple devices. Like the iPhone and iPad:


Consider the iPhone and Apple Watch:



In fact, software UI design has always been Apple's strength! Even the simplest smart home control app is much simpler and more intuitive than those on Android! Not to mention no ads at all.



5. Ground glass effect.

Even when it comes to blurring the background, Apple is not ambiguous at all.


Not to mention, when entering the control center, apps involving privacy and security will be directly blurred and hide all information.

As a professional mobile phone replacement screen manufacturer, Hispider not only follows the development of mobile phone screens, but also considers users' demand for cost-effective mobile phone screens. Hispider has studied Apple's various phone screens a lot and has a deep understanding of this area. If you need, you can launch an inquiry to ask us, we will give you a detailed answer.

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