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Hispider tells you everything you want to know about the OPPO Reno7

Jun 26 , 2023

OPPO Reno7 screen is Samsung screen and OPPO Reno8 what is the difference?

Is the OPPO Reno7 screen a Samsung screen?
 No, it is not.
OPPO Reno7 screen is not a Samsung screen, OPPO Reno7 belongs to AOLED material, AMOLED (Active Matrix/Organic Light Emitting Diode) active matrix organic light emitting diode (device), also known as "magic screen". AMOLED screen structure has three layers, AMOLED display screen, touch sensor panel and the outside layer of glass protection.
Although most of the screen of OPPO Reno7 is Samsung, but there are a small number of screens are other brands.

What is the difference between OPPO Reno7 and OPPO Reno8?
 The differences are as follows:
Appearance color difference: OPPO Reno7 has four colors: red velvet, morning gold, starry night black, and starry heart; OPPO Reno8 has three colors: microbrew, clear sky blue, and night tour black.
Size difference: OPPO Reno7 is 156.8mm high, 72.1mm wide, 7.59mm thick and weighs 185g; OPPO Reno8 is 160.0mm high, 73.4mm wide, 7.67mm thick and weighs about 179g.
Processor difference: OPPO Reno7 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G; OPPO Reno8 is equipped with Tiangui 1300 processor
Rear lens difference: OPPO Reno7 64MP main camera, 8MP wide angle, 2MP macro; OPPO Reno8 50MP main camera, 2MP black and white, 2MP macro.
Fast charging difference: OPPO Reno7 supports 60W fast charging; OPPO Reno8 supports 80W fast charging

OPPO Reno7 is a cell phone product launched by OPPO on November 25, 2021, with a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen; height of about 156.8 mm, width of about 72.1 mm, thickness of about 7.59 mm, weight of 185 grams; with four colors: Starry Rain Wish, Morning Gold, Starry Night Black and Red Velvet. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G octa-core processor.

Is OPPO Reno7 a plastic body?
OPPO Reno7 uses a glass back cover with LDI lithography on the glass back panel, and it is also aerospace grade, which not only enhances the visual effect, but also improves the ability of scratch and wear resistance.
The use of glass back cover can improve the hardness of the phone, do not worry about being scratched, even after a long time of use is also very new. The beauty of the back cover glass, excellent appearance of luster, not plastic can be compared. It also has anti-reflection and eliminates mirroring effect.

Does OPPO Reno7 support infrared remote control?
OPPO Reno7 does not support infrared, does not support remote control of TV, air conditioning and other tutorial home appliances through the phone infrared sensor, but can support NFC function.
Infrared sensors are used to trigger a series of functions by emitting infrared rays encountering objects reflected and received after sensing the distance between the object and the phone. But in fact, the machine infrared function is not often used. Only if it happens that a remote control can not be found then you can use it in an emergency. For most people, there is no need to dwell on this function.

Does OPPO Reno7 support fingerprint unlocking?
The OPPO Reno7 supports fingerprint unlocking, similar to its predecessor, as well as face unlocking. Fingerprint unlocking is more advantageous than password unlocking, which can be achieved without the need for buttons, has high flexibility, unlocking is fast and convenient , it also improves the screen ratio of the phone, making the phone thinner and lighter. High accuracy , read finger data with intelligent recognition system, create fingerprint 3D structure map, efficient recognition in various situations Good security , can identify the authenticity of the finger, effectively prevent the leakage of information in the phone, also can be used for mobile payment.

How big is the battery capacity of OPPO Reno7?
OPPO Reno7 has a battery capacity of 4500mAh, and it also has 60W SuperVOOC Super Flash Charge.
According to the evaluation 4500mAh battery capacity is not big in today's cell phone market, an hour of mainstream games consumes about 20% of the power. This performance in terms of battery life can only be said to be moderate, not excellent, but also not bad.
In terms of 60W fast charging test, it takes about 34 minutes to go from 0% to 100%, which is still a very good speed.

What are the parameters and configuration of OPPO Reno7?
 Processor, screen, model, battery life, network, etc.
The OPPO Reno7 processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G with a 6nm process and four new A78 flagship architecture cores. It is also equipped with Oppo's self-developed extreme frame stabilization technology, which can greatly improve the smoothness of the screen. Screen:Oppo Reno7 middle frame is made of aviation-grade metal, with a premium texture, strong and resistant. The 6.43-inch AMOLED screen supports 90Hz refresh rate, 1000Hz extreme touch response, P3 color gamut, and 100% sRGB. models:Available in Starry Rain Wish, Starry Night Black, and Morning Gold, the body measures 156.8*72.1*7.59mm and weighs about 185 grams, with 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB, and 12GB+256GB storage versions. 256GB storage versions are available. Continuity:Equipped with 4500mAh battery, 60W fast charging, charging conversion rate can reach 96%, and full line voltage, current and temperature control, providing users with more comprehensive security in charging. Network:Oppo Reno7 is equipped with WiFi6 high-speed network, also optimized for 360 cross grip antenna and 5G network.

What colorways does the Oppo Reno7 Pro come in?
 Three colorways
OPPO Reno7 Pro comes in three colors, Twilight Snow Gold, Starry Night Black, and Starry Rain Wish.

The main color is Starry Rain Wish. The Starry Rain Wish color uses the Starry Rain Lithography process on the back, which creates a visual effect of meteor shower on the back through LDI lithography. In the rear camera area, a star ring breathing light that surrounds the entire camera module is tucked away. The lens cover is higher than the lens and is wrapped with a ceramic lens ring, significantly improving the lens' scratch and wear resistance. Prevent the wear and tear caused by long-term use on the appearance and image quality.
Twilight Snow Gold is white, but it changes color and does not look harsh.
Starry Night Black is very deep and looks stable.

Is OPPO Reno7 a high end machine?
 No. It is a mid-range to high-end phone.
The OPPO Reno7 is not a flagship, so it can't be called a high-end device. oPPO Reno7 also comes with an Omoji emoji feature in ColorOS 12.
The OPPO Reno7 also uses the Smart Sidebar 2.0 feature, which integrates several useful gadgets, including screen recording, screenshots, smart captions, background music recognition, listening mode, and many other useful gadgets.
OPPO Reno7 also has the function of recognizing background music, just click in the smart sidebar to recognize background music, usually after a few seconds, it will be recognized.
OPPO Reno7 photo sharing function, directly transfer photos with OPPO mutual transfer function, the operation is very simple, support a large number of transfers, and the transfer speed is fast enough
OPPO Reno7 as a high value model, it is really good to hold in your hand with its value and thin and light feel. Although it is not a high-end machine, it can at least be considered a mid-range to high-end model.


The same straight screen straight edge OPPO Reno7 and iPhone 13 comparison?
 The comparison is as follows.
Processor:OPPO Reno7 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G; iPhone 13 is equipped with Apple A15.
Battery capacity: OPPO Reno7 is equipped with a large battery of 4500mAh; iPhone 13 battery 3227mAh.
Charging: OPPO Reno760W wired fast charging; iPhone1320W wired fast charging, 15W MagSafe wireless charging, 7.5W wireless charging
Rear camera:OPPO Reno7 has 64MP, main camera, F1.7; iPhone13 has 12MP, telephoto camera, F2.8.
Front camera:OPPO Reno7 has 32MP, Sony IMX709, F2.4; iPhone13 has 12MP, F2.2
Screen: OPPO Reno7 screen with 6.43-inch AMOLED material screen size of about 156.8 × 72.1 × 7.59mm, 2400 × 1080 pixels; iPhone13 screen with 6.1-inch OLED material screen, 2532 × 1170 pixels size of about 146.7 × 71.5 × 7.65mm
The bezel design and feel of both are good, and from the price of OPPO Reno7 about two thousand out of the price is really very friendly.

Does OPPO Reno7 have nfc function?
OPPO Reno7 has nfc function, using NFC function, after opening NFC, the phone can exchange data when touching other devices such as touching payment, swiping bus card, access card, recording electronic ID card, sharing pictures, etc.
Transportation card: support 300+ cities, support 40+ kinds of public transportation cards, card migration, support free old card migration to new machines and card balance synchronization migration.
Mi Pay:Support online APP payment, offline card swipe, UnionPay QR code payment, UnionPay tag touch payment.


Can OPPO Reno7 Pro play the original God?
Hardware: OPPO Reno7 Pro uses the 6nm process Tiangui 1200-Max processor, with a runtime score of nearly 70 W. After entering the actual game test, the strong performance of this processor was also found, and the frame rate could still be maintained at 59.1 after 1.5 hours of running "League of Legends". The same is true for the more complex "Original Gods", where the frame rate does not drop off the cliff.

Heat dissipation: OPPO has developed a 3D constant cooling central cooling system, which consists of a central heat-conducting structure, a super-density graphite sheet, and super-conducting vacuum VC liquid cooling, with a total heat dissipation area of 13023mm². After a one-hour test of "Original God", the temperature was 38.3°C on the front and 37.3°C on the back cover of the chassis; neither exceeded 40°C.

Touch and sound quality: In the gaming experience, the touch feedback of OPPO Reno7 Pro at the 1000Hz extreme touch rate was exceptionally sensitive. The sound quality is also much better than its predecessor, which is equipped with stereo dual speakers on top of the Real Original Sound Technology 3.0.

The OPPO Reno7 Pro has Super Lightning Launch 2.0 technology, which significantly reduces the start-up time of daily games; you can directly enter the main interface of the game without waiting. There is also Game Preload 2.0, a feature that eliminates the need to wait for long updates to open games sometimes.

Battery life: One hour of "Elite Peace" and "League of Legends" running with volume and screen brightness set to 50%, Wi-Fi connected and background redundant applications turned off. Two hours of heavy game power consumption of 39%, the battery life is still good.

The price/performance ratio and value of the two-pronged, OPPO launched this Reno series in the game performance is still there for all to see

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