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Hispider tells you how cell phone manufacturers choose between LCD and OLED screens

Jun 15 , 2023

Hispider tells you how cell phone manufacturers choose between LCD and OLED screens

1.Why do flagship phones basically use OLED screens?


Because OLED screens have advantages over LCD screens, they are more prominent. After comparing the luminous principle and structure of LCD and OLED screens, it can be found that OLED screens have the following advantages compared with LCD screens:


On the one hand, in terms of display effect, the OLED screen has a high contrast ratio because it is self-luminous from organic materials, and high contrast will bring a better display effect. This will allow consumers to immediately see the good OLED screen when comparing. On the other hand, the thickness of the OLED screen module itself is thinner and lighter, and the thickness and weight are very important factors affecting the daily use experience of mobile phone users. Using an OLED screen can make the phone thinner and lighter, and save internal space.


Due to the blessing of the above two reasons, the vast majority of models on the market at present, basically more than 2000 yuan price, if not for "LCD users" to launch LCD screen mobile phones, they use OLED screens.


In addition, with the development of flexible OLED screens, OLED screens can be made into curved screens and folding screens, so it is more able to meet the updating and iterative needs of mobile phone forms, and brings new forms such as curved screens and folding screens to users. And the phone's bezels can be made narrower.


2.How do you judge a good screen?


If you judge the quality of the screen from the parameters, the parameters that affect the screen are resolution, refresh rate, touch sampling rate, peak brightness, gamut, color accuracy, color depth, etc.

Resolution: The higher the better, the higher the more delicate it looks. At present, most of the mainstream Android flagships use 2K screens. However, due to the loss of the equivalent resolution of the OLED screen, the detailed screen can be compared with the PPI.


Refresh rate: The mainstream Android flagship is 120Hz high brush, some game phones, will roll to 144Hz, or even 165Hz.


Touch sampling rate: The main impact is the game control experience, usually at least twice the refresh rate, can be. For example, for a mobile phone with a 120Hz refresh rate, the touch control will be smoother when it is operated above 240Hz, of course, the higher the better.


Peak brightness: The peak brightness of the screen, the higher the better. Peak brightness, it is clearer to see under outdoor bright light, and the use experience in the sun will be better. With a brighter screen, the look and feel of HDR videos will also be better.


Color gamut & color accuracy: The color gamut is usually better than the screen support DCI-P3 wide color gamut, color accuracy, most of them have no big problems, basically will be controlled at a very good level through color calibration


Color depth: refers to the color transition of the screen is delicate, for the mobile phone screen, 8bi color depth is relatively general, 10bit and 12bit to be more delicate.



3.From the point of view of use, how to choose the right screen?

According to the needs of different users for mobile phone screens, the selection of OLED screens can be divided into the following categories: one is the screen shape, the second is the screen quality, the third is whether the screen is eye protection: the fourth is the screen hardness, the fifth is the fingerprint recognition of the screen.

3.1 Screen Form

The screen shape can be divided into straight screen, curved screen, and folded screen, and the curved screen can be divided into hyperboloid and four-surface. In the purchase of flagship mobile phones, if you like the straight screen, it is usually selected is the iPhone, the advantage of the straight screen is that it is easier to film, and the body frame can be more three-dimensional, to provide good protection for the phone.

Most of the Android flagships have curved screens. The advantage of curved screens is a higher level of front appearance, which can bring immersive visual effects


The hyperboloid points give a more comfortable feel on both sides of the return, and the four surfaces give a more comfortable sliding on the left and right sides, as well as the upper and lower sides. At present, in Android flagship phones, OVM uses a hyperbolic screen, and Honor and Huawei flagship use a four-curved screen. The following picture shows the Honor Magic5Pro on the four-curved screen, the advantage can bring better upper and lower edge return feel.

Folding screen according to the shape can be divided into horizontal folding and vertical folding, vertical folding is small and portable fashion, horizontal folding large screen atmosphere business, here does not expand the like can choose.

3.2 Screen Quality

In 23 years, the most important parameter for everyone should be the peak brightness of the screen. This is hard brought up by Apple, last year's iPhone14 series release conference, Cook introduced the screen, the peak brightness parameter as an important indicator, took out to emphasize the peak brightness of the iPhone14Pro rolled to 2000nit.

Then it triggered a small spike in the volume's peak brightness. The advantage of high peak brightness, on the one hand, it can be convenient for outdoor use, in the outdoor sun strong environment, there will be a better look and feel, on the other hand, it can also improve the display effect of the screen and improve the HDR image quality.

The peak brightness comparison of the mainstream flagship on the market is as follows: at present, the highest peak brightness is the 2600nit of the Millet 13Ultra followed by the 2500nit of the OPP Find X6 Pro, both of which were recently released, so the peak brightness parameters are very powerful

The peak brightness of the earlier vivo X90 Pro+ and Honor Magic5Pro is 1800nit.




Model number

Peak brightness

Base material

Xiaomi 13 Ultra

2600 nit

Huaxing Optoelectronics C7

OPPO Find X6 Pro

2500 nit

Samsung E6

Honor Magic50Pro

1800 nit


vivo X90 Pro+

1800 nit

Samsung E6


In fact, the peak brightness parameter volume to about 2000nit is high enough, after all, when we use mobile phones every day, we usually only adjust the peak brightness of several hundred nit, only in the case of HDR will break thousands, and the sun will stimulate ultra-high brightness and so on.

3.3 Screen eye protection properties

Eye care is the first two years to become popular, in my impression is the glory of the high-frequency PWM dimming, and then everyone gradually recognized that high-frequency PWM dimming is more comfortable for daily use and more eye protection. Now more and more domestic flagship mobile phones are equipped with high frequency PWM dimming

The full name of PWM dimming is Pulse width modulation (Pulse width modulation), which is to adjust the brightness of the screen by controlling the time that the screen is bright or dark per unit of time.

In fact, after understanding the principle, it is easy to understand why when the screen brightness is low, people will feel the screen flicker badly, because there are many pulse dimming stripes on the screen at that time.


The high frequency PWM dimming is to solve the problem of visual fatigue caused by low frequency PWM dimming by shortening the flicker time to the frequency that is difficult to be perceived by the human eye. If you are sensitive to dimming, then you should prefer a high frequency PWM dimming screen.

At present, most of the mainstream domestic flagship mobile phones use high-frequency PWM dimming, of which the 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming used on the Honor Magic5Pro has the highest frequency. Followed by the Xiaomi 13Ultra's 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming, the remaining three flagships are 1440Hz.

If you say how high the frequency of dimming, is stroboscopic zero risk. Refer to IEEE PAR1789 "Potential health Effects of LED Lighting flicker", and GB/T 9473-2017 "Reading and Writing Desk lamp Performance Requirements", no significant effect on the human eye above 3125Hz

The 3840Hz high frequency PWM dimming carried on the Honor 90 series R a few days ago meets the standard of the stroboscopic zero fan.


In terms of eye care, it is currently the most powerful glory volume, considering that many users have the need to play mobile phones at night. In addition to launching 2160Hz high frequency PWM dimming, Glory also launched natural light eye protection, sleep aid display and so on.


Class natural light eye protection is the first to be introduced by Honor in the mobile phone industry, the human eye is to adapt to natural light and evolution, so the light source close to natural light is more eye protection, Honor thus launched class natural light eye protection technology to better protect eyesight.

The sleep aid display technology is only the first to be adopted by Honor, which is a technology that adjusts the color temperature of the screen according to people's rest and rest rules, and the technology can lower the color temperature of the screen at night, thereby reducing the screen's inhibition of melanin, and thus more eye protection

These features will allow friends who play mobile phones at night to get a more comfortable "visual" experience, care about eye care needs, you can consider the glory Magic5Pro series.



3.4 Screen Hardness

In terms of screen hardness, it is also the focus of some top flagships, and the iPhone's super porcelain crystal panel is indeed high hardness and drop resistant.

Huawei Kunlun Glass % as well as the Honor Magic5 to the latest edition of the Ultra-curved nano-glass-ceramic glass, as well as the Mi 13Ultra Corning Gorilla Victus glass are very hard

However, at present, which mobile phone glass hardness is higher, because there is no professional test data, (it should not be difficult to measure), so there is no way to judge.

The following picture shows the Ultra-curved nano-glass-ceramic glass of Honor Magic5 to Zhen edition, which can increase the resistance of the whole machine by 10 times compared with ordinary glass: this is the same as the increase of Huawei Kunlun glass, which should be the same level. Kunlun Glass is said to be no better than Corning gorilla Victus, but the name is certainly better


3.5 Screen Fingerprint recognition

In terms of fingerprint recognition, in addition to the recognition area and unlocking area of large-area ultrasonic fingerprint recognition used on vivo X90 Pro+, the rest of the fingerprints are similar, and the speed and efficiency are also good.

If you want large area ultrasonic 3D fingerprint recognition, then the only choice is vivo X90 Pro+.


As a professional cell phone replacement screen manufacturer, Hesbitt not only keeps up with the development of cell phone screens and produces the latest OLED screens, but also continues to produce LED cell phone replacement screens in consideration of users' demand for cost-effective cell phone screens.

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