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Hispider tells you the current iPhone third-party most durable cell phone screen replacement

Jun 13 , 2023

Apple phone screen replacement learning, Hispider tells you the current Apple third-party most durable cell phone screen

Broken screen is a thing that makes many owners feel headache, despite the usual careful, but not necessarily when the phone and the ground close contact. After a broken screen, as long as there are no problems with other parts of the phone, the replacement screen can continue to use, which makes screen replacement a popular business. However, because many consumers do not know enough about cell phone screens, it is easy to fall into the pit of the problem, today we will introduce you to the knowledge of cell phone screens, so that the small partners tricky to avoid the pit.

Original factory screen

We go to the aftermarket repair cell phone, you will certainly hear the word "original screen". The so-called original screen means that the screen officially authorized by Apple, to put it bluntly is the Apple screen supplier production products. The benefits of replacing this type of screen are obvious, such as its quality is guaranteed, but there are also a lot of disadvantages, such as in order to protect the user's experience, often need to replace the home button, earpiece microphone, camera, sensor, etc., such a wave of operations down, to pay a lot of money.


Internal matching screen

For the internal matching screen, many owners are not unfamiliar, some partners of the phone in the replacement screen is the use of this type. The definition of the internal screen is well understood, is the domestic products produced by some cell phone accessories, simply put, it is not the original screen. You may ask, is it okay to press the non-original screen on the original phone? The answer is yes, especially Hispider such as a professional internal brand, the quality of its products have withstood the test of the market, occupying a large share of the domestic cell phone internal market. The advantages of this type of internal distribution screen are obvious, reliable quality and cost-effective, and has become the choice of many cell phone users when replacing the screen.


Defective screen

There is also a class of Apple phone screen on the market called "defective screen", this kind of phone screen refers to some used old phone disassembled, but can be normal use of the screen. To give the simplest example, people sell Apple phones with broken motherboards, and some phone recyclers receive them and take off the parts for reuse, and the screen is one of them. Most of these screens will have some scratches, defective screen due to its use for a period of time, there may be more or less scratches or hidden faults, replacement screen price is much lower.

To sum up, the official original screen quality is naturally guaranteed, but the price is truly painful; defective screen price is cost-effective, but whether you can replace the quality of reliable, depending on luck and the conscience of the repairer; Hispider such internal screen, quality is guaranteed, the price is not high, the advantages are obvious. We understand these industry "insider", you can avoid the pit in the process of replacing the phone screen.

Hispider believes that the cell phone is a consumable item, the use of a long time its performance will naturally be affected to a certain extent, coupled with the speed of product updates, some partners every once in a while to change the new machine, so after the broken screen, more and more people feel no need to replace the original screen, but to Hispider such internal matching screen to replace it, both to save a lot of money The best of both worlds!

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