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Hispider tells you the evolution of the smartphone screen

Jun 12 , 2023

Hispider tells you the evolution of the smartphone screen

Smartphones are the most frequently used digital devices, as people scan the screen to check work information and click on video entertainment. The mobile phone under the touch screen can be seen everywhere in life, and people have been accustomed to the experience of touch screen.

Touch screen and mobile phone, two originally unrelated technologies and products, were first bundled together in 1993, IBM and BellSouth launched the world's first touch screen phone "Simon" personal communicator. After the development process, with the introduction of multi-touch, capacitive screen contact recognition, gesture recognition, 3D imaging and other technologies, touch screen mobile phone technology has become more and more mature, until the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, really opened the development of touch screen mobile phone industry, established the standard of touch screen.


The evolution of the mobile phone screen

This question has been asked for more than a decade, and no one has been able to give a completely definitive answer. Touchscreen phones, such as the original iPhone in 2007, have a 3.5-inch screen size, and at that time, the screen without physical buttons has been defined as "really big." Take OnePlus for example, from the first OnePlus One in 2014 to the OnePlus 6T in 2018, it has been adhering to the concept of only doing flagship products, and it also follows the trend of the industry in the use of the screen. The screen size of OnePlus One is 5.5 inches. The OnePlus 6T has a 6.41-inch screen.

Some would say that a real phone is one that can be held in one hand; Others would argue that it's only right that a larger screen brings a more comfortable experience. In the face of such debate, another concept has been mentioned, which is the "screen ratio".


The recognized formula for calculating the screen proportion is: the effective display area of the screen/the front panel area of the phone. However, the industry uses different methods to calculate the screen proportion when releasing mobile phones, so you will see the same screen size, but the screen proportion will be somewhat different. The original iPhone's screen accounted for only 52%, and the OnePlus One's screen accounted for 71.86%, and the OnePlus 6T's screen accounted for 86%. In the case that the body size remains the same, the larger screen has a larger screen proportion, which makes the screen look more shocking while obtaining more comfortable operation gestures.



As the proportion of screens continues to increase, another new concept has been developed - the full screen. Especially since 2018, the touch screen of the mobile phone has ushered in a new development situation, and the comprehensive screen technology has been widely used. The change of OnePlus screen in the past is also a development process from high screen proportion to full screen, OnePlus 6T can obtain a large screen proportion of high screen, it is due to the development of full screen technology. The screen ratio is 19.5:9, and the resolution is 2340 x 1080 pixels 402ppi. Whether it is playing games, watching videos and other entertainment, or writing content, sending messages and other work, the comprehensive screen with a larger screen proportion provides a clearer and more comfortable viewing experience.


New technology for big screens

The increase in screen size is simply a change in appearance; But at the same time, there are more intrinsic technologies being added to the big screen, bringing more changes in experience. The popularity of the full screen has also promoted changes in fingerprint unlocking methods, and different solutions have emerged. In addition to increasing the unlocking method of 3D faces, the fingerprint unlocking button is placed on the back of the body and below the screen. On the OnePlus 6T, it brings a new under-screen fingerprint unlocking technology to users.


Press the finger on the screen recognition area to activate the optical fingerprint sensor, after a series of induction, feedback, recognition and other technical processing can complete the unlock, from the finger to the screen to enter the system desktop time only 0.34 seconds, fingerprint recognition only 0.22 seconds, open the screen time becomes faster, you can also set a key quick start. A single screen fingerprint can do a lot of basic everyday operations. The pursuit of speed but also pay attention to security, the use of under-screen fingerprint unlock technology OnePlus 6T has also obtained WeChat, Alipay laboratory payment certification, one-click payment both speed and security.


Research results show that the brain processes visual content tens of thousands of times faster than text content, and the screen effect has always been our attention, five screen color management display modes have long been used in our products. Thanks to a high-performance processor and AI algorithms, the screen can also adjust automatically according to user preferences.


The most appropriate screen type

In addition to experiencing a change from small to large, and constantly adding new technologies, the mobile phone touch screen has experienced a material change, from the earliest LCD screen to the current mainstream AMOLED screen. In terms of working principle, AMOLED screen can bring more advantages than LCD screen, due to the simpler structure, AMOLED screen will be thinner than LCD screen, which also contributed to the ability to make the body thinner. In addition, the self-lighting technology of the AMOLED screen makes the individual pixels not work when displaying black. Therefore, AMOLED screens consume less power when displaying dark colors, and the contrast can reach hundreds of times that of traditional LCD screens, and there is no light leakage. Although AMOLED screens have the disadvantage of aging too fast and stroboscopic effects, they still have the majority of advantages compared with LCD screens.


With the continuous improvement of mobile phone screen technology, the latest OnePlus 6T uses AMOLED hard screen, for users who stare at the mobile phone screen for more and more time every day, the screen has done a lot of optimization, making each screen is the most suitable for every user.


In short, as the mobile phone component with the most touch and perception, the screen is always the most concerned. Looking at the past years, whether the high screen proportion of the touch screen has changed the mobile phone industry, or the change of the mobile phone industry has constantly promoted the change of the screen, there is no exact answer. However, it can be seen that the development of the mobile phone industry is closely related to the change of screen technology. In the future development, new technologies such as full screen and fingerprint under the screen may be replaced again, but the screen that can bring a better experience is what we need most.

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