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Hispider tells you the mobile phone purchase precautions

Jun 29 , 2023

Mobile phone purchase precautions

In this era of rapid technological change, mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives. Every year there are many new mobile phone debut, let us be dazzled, how to choose a suitable mobile phone in this diverse mobile phone market?



The processor can be said to be the central nervous system of the phone, which determines the speed of the phone. The competition for mobile phone processors in 2023 is still fierce, with the main manufacturers including Qualcomm and Apple. When choosing a mobile phone, be sure to pay attention to the processor model and performance indicators, such as octa-core, 12-core, etc. In general, processors with more cores and higher frequencies are more powerful.


Mobile phone performance

The performance of the phone is determined by a number of aspects such as processor, memory and storage. Therefore, when purchasing a mobile phone, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the processor, but also to the memory capacity (RAM) and storage capacity (ROM) of the phone. The larger the RAM, the stronger the multitasking capability; The larger the ROM, the more storage space. In general, it is recommended to choose a mobile phone with more than 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM to meet the needs of daily use.


Camera function

Nowadays, taking photos on mobile phones has become an important way for us to record our lives. When buying a mobile phone, pay attention to indicators such as the pixel, aperture size and sensor of the camera. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the phone supports optical anti-shake, portrait mode and other features, which will have an important impact on the photo effect. If you're a photography enthusiast, you might want to invest more of your budget in photo performance.




The size, resolution, and display of your phone's screen will all affect your experience. The current mainstream screen size on the market is 6.1-6.7 inches, of course, this needs to be determined according to your personal preferences and feel. In terms of resolution, it is recommended to choose a mobile phone above 1080p (FHD+) to ensure a clearer display effect. In addition, the refresh rate of the screen is also an important indicator, and a high refresh rate can bring a smoother scrolling and touch experience. In general, a refresh rate of 90Hz and above is sufficient for daily use.


Hand feeling

The feel mainly depends on factors such as the design, material and weight of the phone. When purchasing a mobile phone, it is best to experience the feeling of holding it in person to ensure that the size, weight and material of the phone are suitable for your comfort. Different mobile phone brands and models differ greatly in the performance of the hand, so you need to try and compare yourself in this regard.


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