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Hispider tells you what's going on with the Samsung phone screen that keeps flashing the stripes?

Jun 24 , 2023

Hispider tells you what's going on with the Samsung phone screen that keeps flashing the stripes?

Samsung cell phone screen has been flashing stripes for the following reasons:
1, the problem of the FPC (the connection line between the screen and the phone motherboard), the screen is not easy to break without physical damage, is the phone's line loose or damaged caused by the
2, a screen corner was crushed. Now the white screen should be a broken line or false welding.
3, screen damage or other hardware failure resulting in streaks.


1, in fact, many times due to static electricity, we can use the following methods to remove static electricity. Static electricity in a lighter to shock the screen (with a paper towel covered with water at the failure of the electric shock), change the electric field, not all may be applicable, we use caution.
2, or use transparent glue on the screen at the end of the paste tear open paste tear open, until the screen to restore touch so, in the use of this method, pay attention to hold the phone steady, to prevent the phone from falling.
3, there may be a problem with the system settings, if your phone system is Android 4.0 or above, then you can try to open the settings, click the developer option to cancel the "Show screen update" checkbox.
4, you can also turn off the automatic brightness adjustment option in the settings.
5, the above are not able to troubleshoot, it is best to get the repair point repair.


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