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Honor CEO George Zhao: Looking forward to a thousand sails in the cell phone industry to break Apple's dominance

Jun 29 , 2023

Honor CEO George Zhao: Looking forward to a thousand sails in the cell phone industry to break Apple's dominance

[Hispider News] On June 29, Hispider noticed that George Zhao, CEO of Glory Terminal Co. In which, Zhao Ming mentioned a lot of today's smartphone industry and market situation, including the future development direction of smartphones, how to break the bottleneck of smartphones, etc., interested users can come to understand.

George Zhao mentioned that on the iPhone 14 series, Apple adopted a new Lingering Island design, which received a very good response. But in fact, Glory has already done a similar " Spiritual capsule " design on the phone several years ago. Therefore, the essence of many innovations is actually the same.

George Zhao said that in the past two decades, smartphones are constantly breaking boundaries and integrating other categories of products. And today's smartphone has become an arithmetic platform, AI platform, display platform and communication platform. Among them, Glory attaches more importance to AI capability. In 2016, Glory has launched an AI phone. And now, AI big model also brings revelation to glory, introduce big model into the end side, is the glory future AI phone development 3.0 form, glory will create only your personal AI system. In the end-side big model time, the phone will really become the user's personal assistant, it will be very intelligent.

In the era of Internet of everything, the connection coverage efficiency and coverage ability is the problem that needs to be solved. Among them, in the end side, we need a more sensitive communication system. On the display side, glory pays more attention to the long time use of the screen, for the health protection of glasses. Zhao Ming reminded, now in high school students group, the proportion of myopia group has reached 80%, the proportion of college students group will be higher. In order to solve this problem, glory in the screen using a class of natural light protective film, high-frequency PWM dimming and other technologies.

Finally, George Zhao also said that he expects the cell phone market to compete with a thousand sails and break the dominance of Apple.

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