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How OLED screens and LCD screens work

Jul 14 , 2023

How OLED screens and LCD screens work

What are the advantages and disadvantages of OLED screens compared to traditional LCD screens? How does it work? Let's learn about OLED screen and LCD screen.


The screen works:

To understand how screens work, you need to understand what pixels are. The picture displayed on the LCD screen of the mobile phone looks like this is a complete image, but if you enlarge the screen many times, you will find that the picture you see is actually pieced together by countless small dots. And these little dots are called pixels. Each pixel is made up of three sub-pixels: red, green and blue. Red, green and blue are the three primary colors, and you can get all the colors you want by mixing the color ratio of the three sub-pixels of red, green and blue. In this way, each pixel does its own job, displays its own color, and finally pieces together the complete picture you see.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels, for a better understanding, take one of the pixels. From the side profile, its structure is mainly seven layers, the bottom is the backlight layer, and then the vertical polarizer, the positive circuit, the negative circuit, the horizontal polarizer, and the color filter.


LCD simplifies the structure, removes the polarizer, and imagines the liquid crystal layer as a shutter. The bottom layer of the backlight has only one purpose, which is to emit white light. After the white light penetrates the color filter layer with color, it can become the corresponding color of light.


When a voltage is applied to the positive circuit, it will penetrate the liquid crystal layer to connect the negative circuit to form a loop, and this voltage will drive the liquid crystal layer to deflect, and the liquid crystal layer will block a part of the light and prevent them from being emitted. Only by controlling the size of the voltage, you can control the deflection Angle of the liquid crystal layer, and then control the brightness of this red sub-pixel.


Similarly, you can use this way to control the brightness of the other two blue and green sub-pixels, by changing the brightness ratio, you can mix out all the desired colors, this is the working principle of the LCD screen. However, there is a point to note here, that is, the backlight layer is not a pixel point, a separate LED lamp bead below.


The working principle of OLED screen is much simpler than that of LCD. OLED is the full name of organic self-luminous diode, it and LCD screen, also have red, green, blue three sub-pixels, but the difference is that it does not have a liquid crystal layer and backlight layer, it is itself a special design of self-luminous diode, you give it power it is bright, the more electricity the higher the brightness, the less electricity the lower the brightness. Therefore, you can directly control the power of the LED, you can easily control the color ratio of each sub-pixel, and finally mix out all the desired colors.


Because OLED has no backlight layer, each pixel can be independently controlled on and off, so it does not need to light up the entire backlight layer when it is turned on like an LCD screen. Each pixel of the OLED screen can be understood as an independently controlled lamp bead, and each pixel of the OLED is independently luminous.


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