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Huawei and OPPO tied for first place! Global folding machine sales jumped 64% in the first quarter

Jul 10 , 2023

Huawei and OPPO tied for first place! Global folding machine sales jumped 64% in the first quarter


  [Hispider News] Although the smartphone industry is facing tremendous growth pressure, folding screen phones are showing a different story. on July 10, Hispider noticed that well-known research firm Counterpoint Research released a quarterly global folding screen phone research report. The data showed that global smartphone sales fell 14.2% in the first quarter, but folding screen phones surged 64% to 2.5 million units.

  In terms of details, Huawei ranked first with a 27% market share of folding screen phones in the first quarter of 2023; OPPO's market share was also 27%, tied with Huawei for first place. Samsung, glory, vivo were ranked third four or five. In addition, there is news that Meizu, one plus and other smartphone manufacturers are also laying out foldable phones, which will further boost sales.

  It is worth noting that the report points out that China's folding screen phone market is particularly robust. in the first quarter of 2023, China's smartphone shipments fell 8% in the background, folding machine shipments rose 117% year-on-year to 1.08 million units, almost "half of the global folding screen phone market".

  Research analyst Woojin Son commented on the phenomenon: "In China, the launch of new folding screen phones such as the OPPO Find N2 and N2 Flip was very impressive. As a result, Chinese consumers are more familiar with folding screen phones compared to other regions." The report notes that OPPO's performance in the first quarter of 2023 was notable, reflecting the brand's success in the foldable phone market in China, which is becoming the world's largest market for foldable screen phones.

  Regarding the outlook for the Chinese folding screen phone market in 2023, senior analyst Jene Park said: The Chinese folding screen phone market is expected to continue to grow, primarily due to Chinese consumers viewing "folding screen phones" as high-end smartphones.

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