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iPhone 15 Series exposure: bezels are further reduced, and the silent button is exclusive to the Pro version

Jul 20 , 2023

iPhone 15 Series exposure: bezels are further reduced, and the silent button is exclusive to the Pro version

Hispider news: The change in border is one of the most striking features of this set of photos. It has been observed that the bezels of the iPhone 15 series are significantly narrower than those of the iPhone 14 series. This means that Apple has further optimized the bezel in the design, bringing users a larger screen display area and a better look.


As can be seen from these photos, the iPhone 15 series has further improved and narrowed the bezel compared to the iPhone 14 series.


According to ITBEAR Technology information, in addition to the improvement of the bezel, the iPhone 15 series will also fully adopt the USB Type-C interface. This means that users will enjoy faster data transfer speeds and a more convenient charging experience. In addition, rumors about solid-state silent buttons have also been answered. According to a tweet from @iIce Universe, the solid-state mute button will be a feature exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro series, while the standard version retains the mute slider found on previous models.


According to Haitong International Technology Research analyst Jeff Pu, Apple plans to start mass production of iPhone 15 series phones in August 2023. Shipments are expected to reach 84 million units in the second half, up 12% from last year's iPhone 14 series. This forecast shows Apple's confidence in market demand and shows that they are ready to meet consumer demand for high-quality phones.

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