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Mobile phone hardware interpretation and suggestions

Jun 30 , 2023

Mobile phone hardware configuration interpretation and suggestions

What to look for when shopping for a mobile phone? Many people choose to look up information on the Internet, or to consult people who specialize in mobile phones, which is a feasible method. The following factors can also be considered:


1. Demand

Smart phone is a necessity, in addition to the basic use of functions, some friends also hope that mobile phones can play a powerful role in some aspects. For example, you tend to use the camera function of your phone to shoot videos, open live broadcasts, etc., you should pay attention to models with excellent camera ability.

If you tend to use mobile phones to play games, then choose a special game mobile phone, in addition to the processor, memory specifications and other direct parameters, the actual performance of the mobile phone and heat dissipation capacity is also an important evaluation criteria, you can refer to some mobile phone KOL evaluation data.


2. Parameters

When we buy a mobile phone, we must look at the parameters of the mobile phone, but the types of parameters are many and complex, which parameters to look at?

Take the Xiaomi 11 as an example:



(1) Processor:

That is, the CPU is equivalent to the brain of the mobile phone, and the better its performance, the more it can affect the overall performance of the mobile phone. For example, CPU Model: Snapdragon 888 is displayed in the preceding figure. After reading the following CPU performance ladder chart, you can basically follow the mobile phone processor ranking to judge the performance level of the mobile phone.



The current flagship of the brands Snapdragon 8 Gen2 is the strongest, most of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, Apple updated to A16. The mid-priced models are the Snapdragon 8 Gen1, Snapdragon 888, Snapdragon 870, and MediaTek Dimensity 8100 and MediaTek Dimensity 9000. Low-priced models to Snapdragon 778G, MediaTek Dimensity 1100 as the mainstream.


Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip performance is strong, but in the game running environment power consumption is too large, easy to heat, if it is a mobile game, try to choose the model with excellent heat dissipation mold. Alternatively, choose the Snapdragon 8 Gen2, Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, Snapdragon 870 or the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 series with more balanced power consumption and heating performance.


It is said here that the more advanced the processor in the ladder chart, the better, such as the Snapdragon 888 of Xiaomi11 in this example, which is the top processor at present, and the performance is the high-end level of the current mobile phone. In addition to Huawei, Apple, Samsung and other self-developed processors, most brands use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, and some mid-range models use Mediatek's Skyguet series processors.


(2) Operating system:

The iPhone has its own operating system, called iOS, which is the biggest difference between it and other brands. In addition, domestic mobile phone brands mainly use the Android system, or secondary development on the Android system.

Huawei has been working on its own system, called Hongmeng, which will go live in mid-2021. Basically, many brands are based on the Android system for development, such as millet MIUI system, Meizu mobile phone flyme system, Huawei mobile phone EMUI system, etc., each has its own characteristics.


(3) Memory:

Many people's understanding of memory only stays on the concept of capacity, in fact, memory is divided into two concepts, no special requirements are generally recommended to choose a combination of 8G+256G.

Running memory (RAM) : The larger the data, the more applications or games run on the phone at the same time, the smoother the phone, and vice versa. Now the mainstream RAM of the new machine is 8GB, the high version is 12G, and the game phone is even 16G.

Mobile phone storage (ROM) : This is the fixed capacity of the mobile phone, only as storage data, files, the larger the space, the more things stored, and vice versa. At present, the mainstream is 128G, and the high standard version is 256G, or even 512G.


(4) Take photos:

Everyone likes to take photos and videos with mobile phones. The ability to take photos of mobile phones depends on hardware and algorithms. The ability to take photos has always been controversial. In 2023, the flagship mobile phone photo publicity is varied, for ordinary mobile phone users, it is recommended to go to the offline store to take field tests, different manufacturers have their own strengths, good or not to judge.

The principle of mobile phone camera and camera is the same, which will involve the lens, sensor, anti-shake, algorithm, image chip and other finer parameters.


OPPO FindX5Pro night shot example - official picture


The higher the pixel of the phone, the camera performance is generally not bad, but this is not the only basis. In some of the main camera mobile phone introduction page, you can also see such as image chip, micro head, Hasselblad, Zeiss, telephoto, multi-focal length, wide Angle and other terms, involving the various brands of photography algorithms and technical support, often in the photo ability is more excellent and rich.


Some common noun explanations:

Outsole main photography: The camera is known as the "bottom of the first level of crushing people", in addition to looking at pixel data, "bottom" refers to the mobile phone camera sensor, the larger the size, the better the photo effect.


Micro head: vivo launched a solution for mobile phone anti-shake, which is equivalent to a comprehensive innovative version of OIS anti-shake, improve the stability of the photo process.


Optical anti-shake: The mobile phone lens is set to avoid or reduce the blur caused by hand shaking during the photo process, so as to improve the image quality.


Hasselblad image: Hasselblad is the most legendary image brand in the history of photography, One Plus and Hasselblad jointly developed the "Hasselblad image system" for mobile phones, which takes pictures more delicate and rich than ordinary mobile phones.


Zeiss Optical lenses: The lenses produced by Zeiss have always been synonymous with "noble" in the field of traditional cameras, and the vivo flagship machine is dedicated to photography and imaging with more accurate color performance and higher image quality.


Wide Angle: The focal length of a wide Angle lens generally refers to a lens with a focal length between 24mm-35mm, and the super wide Angle is generally between 14-20mm, which has a better effect when shooting natural scenery and scenery.

Telephoto: It is like magnifying things in the distance for shooting things far away, and the clarity and delicacy of the imaging are better.


(5) Screen

The quality of the mobile phone screen will also affect the appearance level and experience of the mobile phone. The current mainstream smartphone screen display technology can be divided into two categories: LCD (liquid crystal display) and OLED (organic laser display). At present, 90% of the machines on the market are basically OLED screens, bright colors, but the eyes can’t help but suffer for a long time. In contrast, LCD screens are slightly less irritating to the eyes.

In addition, there are two indicators of screen resolution and screen refresh rate, and the higher the value, the better the performance. At present, the mainstream mobile phone resolution is 2K, 1080P, 720P; The mainstream mobile phone screen refresh rate this year is generally 90Hz, and some high refresh rate mobile phones can reach 120Hz or even 144Hz.

If the research on the screen is relatively deep, it will also involve touch sampling rate, color gamut, dimming, brightness, contrast, eye protection certification, etc., but these data are generally not visible on the e-commerce platform, and you can go to the brand's official website to view it if you need to.


(6) Hardware

I'm not talking about phone materials here, mainly something intuitive. For example, the weight of the phone, workmanship, shape design, color, size, etc., depends on the personal feelings. Because everyone's aesthetic is not the same, when buying a mobile phone online, look at the 3D picture of the mobile phone and pay attention to various shape parameters in order to pick a suitable and good-looking mobile phone.


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