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OPPO launched the screen protection plan 2023 Hispider cell phone screen replacement as low as 40% off

Jun 12 , 2023

OPPO launched the screen protection plan 2023, cell phone screen replacement as low as 40% off

Hispider knows that most consumers in the purchase of cell phones, in addition to the configuration of the product itself, will also take into account the after-sales service, after all, many friends of the phone is not a year to change, generally have to use two or three years, if the phone in use on the way to what problems, the brand after-sales service is very good or bad affect the user experience.

Hispider as a high-quality cell phone replacement screen manufacturer, we produce a full range of cell phone screen, LCD, OLED original quality cell phone screen, factory price sales, for your cell phone escort.


Hispider learned that recently, OPPO in order to benefit old users, launched the "Screen Care Plan 2023", in June 1 to December 31 during the event, users can enjoy the original screen for a new one, the price is only 40% off the original price. The models that support this screen replacement activity include OPPO A series, K series, Reno series, Find X series, Find N series and some phones of OnePlus, etc. More than 40 models, during the activity period, users can go to the official OPPO service center or choose to send repair or pick up and deliver in the same city, all can enjoy discount prices.

(Part of the supported models of "Screen Care Plan 2023")


As we all know, the screen is one of the most expensive parts of the smartphone, but also a very important part, if there is any problem is very affected by the use of experience, but if you do not buy broken screen insurance, screen replacement is very expensive, so many users prefer to "just" use it, and after a long time to directly replace the phone. Therefore, this "Screen Care Plan 2023" is undoubtedly a benefit for OPPO's old cell phone users, if the screen has problems, you can replace the screen at a discounted price, and continue to use.

(Part of the "Screen Care Plan 2023" support models)


If you are concerned about the cell phone circle, you should know that OPPO's service has always been well known. For example, as early as 2019, OPPO took the lead in upgrading its "Send Repair Transparency" service, which allows consumers to view the actual photos of the phone repair through the order details, making the repair process more transparent. In addition, consumers can also check the price of repair parts at any time through various online channels. In this way, consumers do not have to worry about their cell phone parts will be replaced, as well as the repair of chaotic charges.

(OPPO staff who is repairing the phone)

In addition, OPPO's official authorized experience stores are also spread all over the country, and it is reported that in 2023 OPPO also plans to cover and promote 300 new image OPPO official authorized experience stores in the country, which is enough to see the importance OPPO attaches to service quality.

(OPPO stores)

At the same time, OPPO has been upholding the brand mission of "technology for people, to be good to the world", through innovation and technology development, to bring better experience to users. For example, OPPO's Battery Health Engine has been listed in the "Sustainable Products" category of the "Business Sustainability Awards 2023" announced by the internationally renowned environmental awards SEAL Awards for its innovative technology and environmental value. (OPPO Battery Health Engine has been listed in the "Sustainable Products" category of the "2023 Business Sustainability Awards" announced by SEAL Awards.


It is reported that the battery health engine is a system-level battery health solution independently developed by OPPO in 3 years, which solves the problem of "dead lithium" in the charging industry, reduces battery capacity loss, extends battery life, and allows the battery capacity to remain more than 80% after 1600 cycles of charging and discharging. User experience can also avoid the e-waste pollution caused by frequent battery replacement.

(OPPO Battery Health Engine)

Overall, whether it's the "Screen Care Plan 2023" or the services launched before, it fully reflects OPPO's humanistic care, and these initiatives are quite worthy of our recognition. If your phone has a need for a new screen, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity to replace it. Of course, for friends who do screen repair business, Hispider will give you the best price for each model of cell phone replacement screen, good value for money, to ensure that the various needs of customers.

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