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OPPO Reno9 Pro Sudden Price Cut Top Flagship Reduced to Mid-Range Price

Jun 03 , 2023

OPPO Reno9 Pro+ suddenly dropped 1160 yuan, the top flagship down to mid-range price

With the continuous development of technology, more and more users like to shop online, but also can buy cell phones online, the reason for the rise of online shopping, but also because the offline market has a lot of shady businessmen, they often for high profits and harm consumers, online shopping information transparency, to a certain extent to avoid this problem. In the cell phone market, OPPO brand is often trolled "high with low price", the follow-up problem is also frequent, because the online shopping boom, OPPO also joined the online market, and launched a lot of explosive models, online and offline are sought after by users.


In the online market, OPPO cell phones also took out a sincere, just in time for the 618 e-commerce promotion, many of its cell phones opened a price reduction mode, which includes a OPPO Reno9 Pro +, this cell phone direct price reduction of 1160 yuan, directly a thousand yuan machine is gone, really do not want to give friends live. The user who is concerned about the cell phone circle may know that the Reno series is the previous R series, but the difference is that the Reno series set aside the "high price and low" label, OPPO Reno9 Pro+ is also very worth getting after the price cut, which is the top flagship down to the mid-range price.


The reason for the popularity of OPPO Reno9 Pro+ is not only the cost effectiveness, but also its high value appearance and camera, first of all, its appearance design, front curved screen and back glass back cover, unique camera module design, body thickness control at 7.99mm, weight 192g, grip feel is also the reason why many users choose it. The front curved screen not only looks high-end, display quality is not bad, for example, it supports 120Hz refresh rate, improve the smoothness of the slide, and 2160Hz high with PWM dimming, effectively reduce the strobe damage to the eyes, this screen dare not compare with high-end machine screen, but in the same price level reached the top level.


The most popular configuration is still the OPPO Reno9 Pro+ camera, which has a 32-megapixel super-sensitive cat-eye lens on the front, self-research RGBW and AF autofocus, which can cope with a variety of selfie scenarios, and a 50-megapixel IMX890 main camera on the rear, with a 1/1.56-inch large base and OIS optical stabilization. This time it does not have a redundant make up lens, but is supplemented by wide angle and macro, although the lens parameters are not very luxurious, but thanks to the OPPO camera algorithm, the image quality is very good, and the machine is built-in self-research Marianas X image chip, but also the real embodiment of OPPO imaging strength, in terms of its imaging effect, can rival high-end machines.


The phone's other configurations are also very well done, take its core performance, it is equipped with Snapdragon 8+ processor, a 4nm process God U, with 16GB + 512GB memory combination, as well as ColorOS supercomputing platform, claiming that two years will not lag. In order to solve the problem of battery life anxiety, it is built in 7.99mm body 4700mAh large battery, with OPPO power saving algorithm, making the battery life is very long-lasting, and its 80W fast charging can also restore the battery life in about 30 minutes, this whole set of configuration down, use more than two or three years are not backward feeling.


Speaking of last OPPO Reno9 Pro+ was originally priced at 3999 yuan, to be honest the price is not high, but now it came to 2919 yuan, or 16GB + 256GB version, and 16GB + 512GB also came to 3239 yuan, proper clearance price, estimated to sell out will be off the shelves.

In another e-commerce platform, OPPO Reno9 Pro+ also has a significant price reduction, 16GB+256GB arrives at 3699 yuan.


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