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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 folding screen phone shows cutting-edge technology

Jun 19 , 2023

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 folding screen phone shows cutting-edge technology

In the field of folding screen phones, Samsung can be said to be the first to explore the company. After continuous improvement and upgrade, the new generation of folding screen products Galaxy Z Fold4 also met with consumers. This phone has a very high quality and combines many advantages such as practicality and efficient productivity, showing the brand's expression of cutting-edge technology and exquisite craftsmanship. Now let's take a look at how powerful the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 really is!

Body design portable and durable

Samsung is always upgrading the folding screen product process design, in all aspects of the body through cutting-edge design to break the consumer's concerns about the folding screen. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 body uses a new material, with a 60% reduction in the overall hinge components compared to the previous generation of products, so that it has a thin body of 263g, the thickness of 6.3mm, more portable. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 also has a very precise hinge structure and supports IPX8 waterproof rating, which can further resist the intrusion of dust and other impurities.

Newly upgraded screen material

Since the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, Samsung has been applying its self-developed UTG ultra-thin and flexible glass, which has gained a lot of recognition from consumers. Now, the UTG glass applied to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has been upgraded comprehensively, and with the PET material protective film, it can withstand up to 200,000 times of folding while being more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. In terms of hinge, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 also uses a new hinge, while the middle frame and other parts are made of innovative armored aluminum, giving it excellent wear resistance and impact resistance. So whether unfolded or folded, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 can be used with confidence, which allows users no longer need to worry about the durability of folding screen phones.

Folding screen unique advantages

Thanks to its own folding form, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has an even greater advantage in terms of viewing. We all know that Samsung is constantly reinventing the productivity experience with each of its models, and following this premium gene, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 supports multitasking with the ability to display up to three apps on the same screen on the inside. You can also add applications to the taskbar for quick navigation and easy switching between windows, which is extremely convenient. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 also offers PC-like productivity with S Pen support for a pen and paper writing experience, making users more comfortable with their work. Not only that, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 also supports functions such as connecting to Windows, enough to bring more convenience to consumers' mobile office.

After several generations of refinements and upgrades, Samsung's technology in the field of folding screens is also becoming increasingly mature. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 also sets a new benchmark in the field of folding screens with its strong practicality, high quality and efficiency. Whether it's users who like folding screen phones or consumers with higher mobile office needs, this phone is undoubtedly quite a good choice. I believe that with the help of this phone, it will be able to open a more relaxed and convenient life.

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