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The iPhone 15 series will be released on September 12

Aug 07 , 2023

The iPhone 15 series will be released on September 12

Hispider news: August 7 news, the iPhone 15 series progress is relatively smooth, even the previous encountered parts production difficulties in the Pro version has been solved.


According to the latest news from Mark Gurman, Apple is expected to hold a new product conference on Tuesday, September 12, to officially launch the iPhone 15 series and other new products. It will go on sale the following Friday, September 22.


Based on what we know so far, there is no doubt that the entire iPhone 15 series has been upgraded, especially the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max


1. Screen

The iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max will feature a new "LIPO" screen with the ability to further narrow the bezel of the screen, which is said to be able to reach a width of 1.5mm, compared to the current iPhone 14 Pro's 2.2mm. This width will also break the current Mi 13's 1.81mm narrowest border record, becoming the narrowest side phone.


2. Performance

The iPhone 15 Pro series is bound to be equipped with a new generation of A17 Bionic, which is based on TSMC's 3nm process (N3), and the memory will also be upgraded to 8GB.


3. Camera

On the basis of maintaining the same 48-megapixel main camera, the iPhone 15 Pro also added a hidden telephoto lens, so that the iPhone finally caught up with the contemporary high-end flagship Android.


In another upgrade, the iPhone 15 Pro will add a titanium alloy midframe, which is as strong as stainless steel but weighs similar to aluminum, allowing the phone to remain sturdy and reduce weight. The whole system will be equipped with smart Island, and replace the USB-C interface, and the fast charge speed is expected to be further improved.


In addition, overseas sources also revealed that the iPhone 15 series will use stacked battery technology, which can make the internal space utilization of the encapsulated battery higher, so the iPhone 15 will increase the battery of the entire system, as follows:

iPhone 15:3877mAh
iPhone 15 Plus:4912mAh
iPhone 15 Pro:3650mAh
iPhone 15 Pro Max:4852mAh

By all accounts, the iPhone 15 will be Apple's most revolutionary iteration in recent years.

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