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The iPhone15 series is expected to ship a record 89 million units this year

Jul 19 , 2023

The iPhone15 series is expected to ship a record 89 million units this year

Hispider news: Apple will hold its annual fall product event in September this year, when it will unveil the iPhone15 series. Recently, foreign media ctee said that Apple has issued orders for the supply chain for iPhone 15, starting in July to start the first wave of stock, the supply chain has begun to prepare for parts production. 


At the same time, some analysts believe that the iPhone 15 series shipments are expected to reach a record 89 million units in the year, while last year's iPhone 14 series shipments were 78 million units in the same period, which shows that Apple is confident in this year's iPhone 15 series, and the two models of the Pro series account for the highest proportion.


Hon Hai is expected to receive 55 to 60 percent of assembly orders, with Ritzen surpassing Pegatron in second place with about 20 to 25 percent and Pegatron 15 to 20 percent. According to relevant Revelations, the iPhone15 series will continue to launch four models including iPhone15, iPhone15 Plus, iPhone15 Pro and iPhone15 Pro Max, bringing upgrades to varying degrees.


Compared to the iPhone13 and iPhone14 series, this generation of the iPhone15 series should bring more product upgrades: the two Pro versions of the iPhone15 series will be equipped with the ProMotion display, the screen brightness will be further increased to 2500 nits, and the bezel will be further narrowed. At the same time, the two will be equipped with a new generation of A17 Bionic, the chip is set in TSMC 3nm process (N3) to build, while the memory will be upgraded to 8GB, the top version of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be exclusive to the hidden telephoto lens, support 6x optical zoom, which is the first Apple phone with hidden telephoto. As for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, they will still use the A16 Bionic on the iPhone 14 Pro, and the memory and camera modules will not be significantly upgraded.


At the same time, this year's iPhone15 series will replace the USB-C interface, and the Lightning interface used for many years will be officially canceled; In terms of charging details, the news shows that the charging power of the standard version iPhone15 model is up to 20W, and the maximum charging power of the Pro model is 27W. In terms of overall design, the iPhone15 series is close to the style of the previous iPhone14 series, but has been improved in details. The rounded corners of the iPhone15 will also have a small design change, with the rounded corners being slightly rounder than previous devices, which will bring a more comfortable grip.


In addition, previous Revelations have mentioned that the new iPhone series will use a titanium alloy frame, and it seems that the entire series will be equipped with a frosted glass back. In addition, it is reported that the gap between the standard version of the iPhone 15 series and the Pro version will be further expanded this year, and the price will hit a new high, especially the top version of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to exceed 20,000 yuan.


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