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The Performance King of 2023: Redmi K60

Aug 11 , 2023

The Performance King of 2023: Redmi K60

Hispider news: August 10 news, although Redmi has not yet officially announced the release time of the K60 supreme version, it can be confirmed that the machine will be unveiled at the annual Lei Jun speech event on August 14.


Redmi K60 supreme moderator is playing high performance, at the beginning of the Redmi K60 supreme version project, Lu Weibing issued a "military order", the goal is only one - "the king of performance". And Redmi this time the adjustment is indeed in place, after 2 years of global planning and 1 year of joint research and development, Redmi K60 supreme version to achieve the goal of the king of performance.


The machine is equipped with Mediatek Tianguet 9200+ chip, while equipped with a single display chip X7, in addition to Tianguet 9200+ and a single display chip X7, Redmi K60 supreme version in the game really achieved real superframe, stability and super performance is also very strong. Especially in terms of reducing power consumption, the effect is outstanding, which can bring users a more silky and smooth game experience.

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