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The technical advantage of the iPhone - the front design of the phone

Jul 11 , 2023

The technical advantage of the iPhone - the front design of the phone

You've seen too many freewheeling designs over the years, with curved screens, insanely ugly corners, and a complete disregard for screen durability. There are basically few mobile phones that can achieve the true isometric design of the front border, and the lower border is generally significantly wider. There is also the front camera placement, which can be described as various, and basically ignore the software adaptation, the top status bar has any performance when the application is opened, and many are really a black line.


And this is Apple's fringe screen, pay attention to the two rounded corners of the fringe, as well as the four R corners of the screen, the rounded corners of the fuselage border and the rounded corners of the screen, is not looking extremely natural and harmonious. There is no shortage of new mobile phones with bangs on the market, a simple comparison, you will know that even the design of bangs, Android is not a bit different. And such a design, Apple made in 2017.


Look at the iPhone 14 Pro to bring the hole screen design, Apple called smart island. You don't have to like it, but you might as well know where it came from.


Do you know where the receiver is? Now it has been hidden under the stainless steel frame, the following picture is magnified many times the effect, daily use do not pay attention to see really can not see.

Do you know where the ambient light sensor is? In fact, this thing has been placed under the screen, after all, with the Apple Watch so many years of technology accumulation, now also has the ability to screen down!


In fact, an excellent feature brought by the Smart Island, many people may not know, that is, with the help of the Smart Island, the iPhone 14 Pro screen color consistency is better! This kind of detail improvement is to make the product performance more extreme, but it is rarely taken out and advertised everywhere.


Smart Island itself, whether it is the rounded edge design, or the entire animation design when unfolded, is very elegant and smooth, which relies not only on simple system animation, but also needs in-depth edge sub-pixel rendering, powerful chip performance, and fine grinding of each subdivision scene.


In fact, starting with the iPhone 12, the iPhone screen also has a layer of nanoscale porcelain crystal material super porcelain crystal panel, which relies on the dual ion exchange process to greatly improve the screen's ability to resist scratches, scratches and daily wear. The most important thing is that the super porcelain panel has been used for three generations, it turns out that the iPhone is used without a little protection, and you really don't have to worry about scratches and falls!


One more thing to say is that the hardware quality of Apple screen itself is already the existence of no rivals, and the ability of screen screen training is even less rivals. In fact, by the iPhone 14 Pro generation, even Samsung's top flagship, the screen quality is no longer than the iPhone! Because Apple is using the top M12 substrate, outdoor brightness 2200 nits open a big cut of the opponent, visualization Angle and dark mode delay, is a ride out of the dust.



And the ensuing all-weather display, it is post-strike and the opponent wants to imitate also imitate can not come! How many manufacturers can add a dedicated display engine to the chip? Who can do the full screen light up the screen display? Who dares display the time without a little pixel migration?


As a professional mobile phone replacement screen manufacturer, Hispider not only follows the development of mobile phone screens, but also produces the latest OLED screens, considering the user's demand for cost-effective mobile phone screens, LED mobile phone replacement screens are also in continuous production. Hispider has also done in-depth research on various models of iPhone membranes, and I believe Hispider's products will not disappoint you.

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