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TFT mobile LCD screen

Types of Displays in Mobile Phones

Aug 16 , 2020

While buying a mobile phone we might have heard these words – IPS LCD display, TFT LCD display, OLED display, Super AMOLED display, etc. We often get confused as to which is the best. So, let us explain each of the displays.
Displays are mainly categorized into three types –

  1. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  2. LED (Light Emitting Diode)
  3. Retina

These are explained as following below.

         LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) :
LCD means Liquid crystal display. In the LCD display, there is a light in the background of pixels which is called a backlight that provides light to the pixels for projecting the content. If there is no light in the background we could not able to see the content which is displaying on the screen. There are a few types of LCD panels. In the LCD panel, we have CCFL backlighting which means Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp. These are explained as following below.

  • Twisted Nematic (TN) –
    Twisted Nematic displays are widely used in computer monitors in some industries. These displays are commonly used by gamers for a better experience. Because they are inexpensive and faster response.


    Limitations :

  • 1. Poor quality screen

  • 2. Low contrast ratio

  • 3. Poor color reproduction

  • 4. Poor viewing angles

  • Vertical Alignment (VA) –
    The vertical alignment panel falls under the middle of the TN panel and IPS panel. This display has better viewing angles and better color reproduction as compared to the TN display.

    Limitations :

  • 1. Slower response time


  • Advanced Fringe Field Switching (AFFS) –
    This type of display used for commercial purposes in cockpits. AFFS display is extremely quality of LCD display as of now because they have good color reproduction, best viewing angles than the IPS panel and TN panel. It also minimizes color distortion.


        As for mobile displays, we mostly see these three displays in LCD –

  • TFT LCD Panel –
    Thin Film Transistor display is the cheapest display in LCD. In this display, every pixel is attached to a capacitor and transistor. The main advantage of this display is the high contrast ratio and very cheap to build by the way we see this type of displays in budget mobiles below 10K price.

    Limitations :

  • 1. Poor quality

  • 2. Poor viewing angles

  • 3. Poor sunlight visibility

  • IPS LCD Panel –
    In-Plane Switching is the most popular display between the 10k to 20k price range in mobiles. By the way, this is the best display on LCD. They are very much the best than the TFT display. This display can produce better viewing angles, best color reproduction, and direct sunlight visibility.


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